Well, I Did It

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Apr 232021

Yesterday was another busy day for us, but we still made time for a half-hour of morning snuggling when we first woke up. We try to do this the first thing every morning and again at night before we go to sleep, and it’s very seldom that we miss the opportunity. Some people say that marriage is hard work, and I don’t know that I agree with that, but it does take effort on both parts, and we enjoy making the effort.

Terry had a dentist appointment in the early afternoon, and she has not been happy with the level of care she’s received from the dentist. He replaced one of the two original dentists that were there when she first started with practice, and more than once, she has walked out of there frustrated. So she went back yesterday loaded for bear, ready to give him a piece of her mind if she didn’t get satisfaction. It turned out that she left just as frustrated, because she didn’t get to talk to him. When she arrived, she found out that it was his last day with the practice and she wouldn’t be seeing him. But she did let the office staff know how she felt.

She is going back Monday for an appointment with the original partner. I sure hope things go better with this guy because if not, she will be finding a new practice. Too many people hold doctors and dentists in awe, feeling like they can’t question them because they are the “professionals.” I had a doctor friend many years ago tell me that was nonsense. You are paying them to perform a service, just like you pay a plumber or an electrician, and if they don’t do the job to your standards, you fire them and find somebody else who will.

As for me, I left a while before Terry did to go to the Volusia County tax and title office in New Smyrna Beach to pick up the title to the pontoon boat since the lien release finally came through. I had hoped to be in and out fairly quickly, but it was a little over an hour.

From there, I drove to Mullinax Ford and had the oil changed in my Mustang. It only has 1,300 miles on it since I bought it new in 2018, but the oil change light kept coming on. Several mechanics told me I didn’t really need to do that, but just as many others said yes, I did, because oil starts to break down over time. And in looking at the maintenance schedule for the car, it said that to preserve the 100,000 miles extended warranty, the oil needed to be changed at certain intervals of either mileage or time.

Of course, the first thing I had to do was convince the girl at the desk that a three year old car actually only has 1,300 miles on it. She was sure that the odometer was not working. No, dear, it’s a garage queen and doesn’t get out much.

The quick service lane was not all that quick because there were several vehicles ahead of me, but that was okay because I had other business to do while I was there. For quite a while now, I’ve been going back and forth about buying a new pickup truck to replace both our 2005 Ford Explorer and our 1999 Ford pickup.

I have not been able to find what I want on a dealer’s lot anywhere, and I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like to settle, so I’ve been doing a lot of research before ordering a new truck from the factory. I finally have all my ducks in a row, so I hooked up with Jack Tuthill, the same salesman who handled the purchase of my Mustang, and I have stayed in touch with. He double-checked the specs of what I wanted, and I placed an order.

Jack told me to expect a three to possibly four month build time, but that’s all right, I’ve waited this long already. It will be an F-150 Lariat Super cab, not the four-door Crew Cab that is so popular these days. I just don’t like the looks of them, and we seldom have anybody riding around with us, and if we do, it’s usually in the van.

I figure this will probably be the last truck I buy, so it’s coming with a lot of bells and whistles. Besides, my accountant says I have to spend some money or pay a whole bunch more taxes next year. I’d rather it be me riding around in a new truck than some senator or congressman.

A crew of four astronauts is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral early this morning, and I didn’t plan to be up that early to watch it. But we have a delivery scheduled for 7:45 AM, a new over-the-range microwave oven that I ordered for Terry, so who knows? I might be awake early enough to wave at them as they fly over.

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Thought For The Day – I can’t wait until I’m old enough to pretend I can’t hear.

Nick Russell

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  5 Responses to “Well, I Did It”

  1. Don’t hold your breath on a new vehicle delivery date.
    We have a van on order for a conversion and cannot get a firm date.
    Excuses, covid, parts stuck in suez canal, covid, Amazon ordered 100,000 vans, covid, chip shortage. Can’t figure out that last one. What do potatoes have to do with making a van? LOL

  2. The most important Oil-Change in a new engine is around a Thousand Miles. That’s when machining fluids and chips that are sometimes left behind are flushed out.
    Due to more people working from home as well as on-line schooling Computer sales went through the roof. Apparently the same Chip that runs your computer also is needed to run today’s modern vehicles. Most the Auto Manufactures have stockpiled Vehicles that need those Chips. Our son-in-law has been laid-off from Chrysler’s minivan plant due to the Chip shortage,
    Hoping Terry finds a dentist she can rely on.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. Oh, A new F150. We had to use one for a day when our 2011 F350 was having work done. Fell in love with it. Since what we have is just fine we had to tell ourselves NO!

  4. Beautiful launch. Hope you were able to catch it.

  5. I feel Terry’s pain. My dentist semi-retired a couple of years ago, and I lost an awesome GP (our doctor) four or five years ago. The new, young dentist is ok, but I miss the guy who took care of my teeth for 25+ years. He used to show me pics of his bird hunting trips, and he took me for a ride in his BMW M-something which was fun as hell. Yeah, getting older has unexpected pitfalls!

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