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Apr 182021

A while back one of the hinges on the drop-down front of my desk’s keyboard drawer broke. It was just cheap pot metal, and Terry was able to Mickey Mouse it together for a little while to give us time to search for a new set of hinges. And as always, Amazon came through for us.

Actually, the first set of hinges we ordered from Amazon were some cheap things that looked good but didn’t fit. Then I found a set of Rocker Fully Adjustable Concealed Fall Flap Hinges and ordered them. They were here the next day, and then Terry went to work removing the old hinges and installing the new ones.

I thought it would just be a simple case of out with the old and in with the new, but there’s a reason they are called adjustable hinges. Terry had to play with them a bit to get the adjustment right, so the keyboard drawer would sit level when open and then fold up properly to close at the end of the day. But, like with everything she does, she made it seem easy.

With my keyboard tray working properly again, I’ve been working, too, knocking out 5,000 to 6,000 words a day in my new Tinder Street book. As I have said before, it seems like with this series I am spending as much or more time researching than I actually am writing. Yesterday it was Wright Whirlwind radial engines, airplane crash investigations in the 1920s, zombies (don’t worry, this isn’t science fiction or horror, so there won’t actually be any zombies wandering around the neighborhood), and whiskey flasks. Hey, it was the Roaring 20s, what do you expect? I plan to be back at it again today. I’m past the halfway point, and while I’m not at the home stretch yet, it’s getting closer all the time.

After reading yesterday’s blog, She’ll Be Coming Off The Airplane When She Comes, a reader emailed to ask why we would take a chance on having our kids visit when Covid-19 numbers are starting to rise again. We have all been vaccinated for quite some time now, stay as isolated as possible, and wear masks and practice social distancing when we do go out. I think we are as safe right now as we are ever going to be.

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Thought For The Day – You can’t always control who walks into your life, but you can control which window you throw them out.

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