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Mar 242021

After reading yesterday’s blog, I got private messages or e-mails from at least half a dozen people who wanted to know how our first night on our new Denver Mattress went. When I laid down, I didn’t experience the almost immediate backache I have been getting, and when I rolled onto my left side to spoon with Terry, there was a slight discomfort in my hip, but nothing like the piercing pain I had every night with the old mattress. As for Terry, she said she slept well and didn’t have the shoulder and hip pain that has been keeping her awake nights. Lori, our nice sales rep at Denver Mattress, said to give it about a week to fully break-in, because even though it’s an innerspring mattress, it comes completely compressed and takes a while to fully expand. Overall, so far, it’s been a very good experience.

In yesterday’s blog, I also mentioned that I spent many hours on the telephone with a wonderful young lady named Renée at Consumer Cellular, trying to get the Samsung Galaxy S10+ that I purchased in August replaced. She called me yesterday evening to tell me that she had good news and bad news and more good news. The first good news was that she finally convinced Samsung to replace the phone. However, the bad news was that there were no Galaxy S 10+ phones in stock. But the other good news was that they agreed to send me a new Galaxy S 20+ instead and not charge me any more money. That was very nice of her, and I really appreciate Renée going the extra mile and keeping on them until she got action.

When I first spoke to her, after working my way through lesser mortals in their customer service department, Renée told me that she is not one to give up and that she would keep at it until I was satisfied. Even better, as we got to talking during our times on hold Monday and yesterday, I found out that she lives in the Phoenix area, loves to read mysteries, and loves to cook. So guess who was going to order Terry’s cookbook, Miss Terry’s Kitchen, and some of my Big Lake books? It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

And as good as all of that is, even better news was that both our son Travis and our granddaughter Hailey got their Covid-19 vaccinations yesterday. Hailey got the Johnson & Johnson shot at a pharmacy in our old hometown of Show Low, Arizona. I blanked out the personal information on her card, but isn’t she just drop-dead gorgeous?

And this is Travis getting his first Moderna shot at a Walmart in Alabama. Look closely at the background of this picture. Are you surprised that my son got vaccinated in the lingerie department? Not me. He’s always been a bit of a boob. Then again, he’s also a chip off the old block. Or is that blockhead?

Besides all that, I managed to knock out another chapter in my new Tinder Street book yesterday, got the previous chapters back from my second proofreader, made her corrections, and sent them off to my third proofreader.

When I was done with all that, I did an interview with my friend Patrick O’Donnell for his Cops and Writers podcast. Patrick is a retired police officer and the author of the excellent Cops and Writers books, which are wonderful reference books for writers, and great reading for anybody interested in how people become police officers and what their lives are like on the job. Patrick also runs the Cops and Writers Facebook group. We had a great visit, shared some stories, and had a few laughs, too. The podcast will air in a few weeks, and I’ll post a link when it goes live.

Thought For The Day – I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I’ll let you know.

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