First Time In A Year

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Mar 102021

Terry had an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville yesterday afternoon for a CT scan, a follow-up to her appointment she had last week. This is just routine and something that will continue due to the intense radiation damage she suffered during her cancer treatment 20 years ago.

Her appointment was at 3 o’clock, and we arrived about 15 minutes early. Those folks are always super efficient, and they took her in for the procedure less than 10 minutes after she checked in. Terry was a little nervous about the IV contrast they were going to use because she had a bad reaction when she had it back in 2019. Fortunately, everything went smoothly, and we were in and out within an hour.

Terry had not had anything to eat all day, and by the time we left the hospital, she was definitely hungry. We had not eaten in a restaurant in over a year and were hesitant. But since we received our second dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccinations over two weeks ago, we figured we are as protected as we’re going to be.

There’s a restaurant called the Shrimp Shack a couple of miles from the hospital that we have eaten at before and always enjoyed, so we decided to drive over and check it out. We figured if nothing else, we would order the food and eat it in the van. As it turned out, there was an employee going in wearing a mask, which was a good sign, and since it was about 4 o’clock by then, before the dinner rush, and since we didn’t see any other customers, we went in.

At that point, we were the only customers in the restaurant, so we ordered our food and sat down in a booth. Shortly thereafter, a group of four young adults came in and sat at a table a distance away from us. Okay, that’s not too bad, and the food was definitely delicious. We were glad we decided to stop.

About the time we were finishing up, another couple about our age came in, and with a whole restaurant to choose from, they took the booth right behind us, the large woman definitely giving my side of the booth a thump as she sat down with the back of her head less than two feet from mine. Why? Fortunately, we were done eating so we left.

Now that we have broken the ice, we might consider going out to a couple of our favorite restaurants here at home occasionally. But not for a while yet because Bike Week is going on now in nearby Daytona Beach, along with Spring Break, and the area is full of idiots crowding together without masks, most of them stupid and drunk. We’ll wait until all that’s over with before we try again.

Mayo is always on top of things, and on the drive home, Terry got an e-mail with the results of her CT scan. Everything was good, and by the time we arrived home, she also had an e-mail from her care provider saying she had reviewed everything and there were no problems or anything to worry about. It’s worth the 115-mile drive to go there because they are the best there is as far as we are concerned.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Adulthood is without a doubt the strangest hood I’ve ever lived in.

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  4 Responses to “First Time In A Year”

  1. Good news Miss Terry. I had an appointment with my cardiologist on Monday that gave me some good news as well. God Bless y’all.

  2. Good health news for Miss Terry. Please give her my congratulations.

  3. Good News for Miss Terry.
    Once you’ve gone out it’s sometimes hard to stop. With Spring Break and Bike Week being Super-Spreader Events you might consider staying home a while longer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  4. Thank you Barry, Bobbie, and Richard for your good thoughts and wishes. I very much appreciate them as I know that these feelings are directly responsible for my recovery and current health. I try always to pay it forward and hope everyone else does, as well.
    May we all respect each other’s health by continued use of masks and space until we are well past this pandemic.
    May we all share in the blessings of good health and safe practices in our daily lives. Big hugs to all.

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