Mar 162021

Yesterday afternoon Terry and I had to have an uncomfortable video conversation with my son, daughter, and daughter-in-law. But it was necessary and one that every family should be having.

While there are no life-threatening physical issues with either one of us, we both will turn 69 this year, and we are not foolish enough to think that we will live forever. Working with a local attorney, we are in the process of setting up a family trust to protect our assets when the time comes. Since they will be the recipients of whatever we have, as well as any future royalties from my books, we needed to talk about that.

We also had to clarify that neither one of us would ever want to be kept alive by machines in a vegetative state if there was no chance of recovery. By making our wishes known to them, as well as stated in our will and the family trust, we are taking those difficult decisions away from them.

Both Travis and Tiffany were a bit weepy talking about things like this, but I assured them that #1 we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and #2, I’m going to work hard to spend my last nickel and bounce the last check in the checkbook the morning of the day I die. It just seems better for everybody that way. If you have not addressed this issue with your family yet, please don’t put it off. We all have an expiration date, and none of us know when that day will come

Another conversation I had recently was not uncomfortable at all. That was when I told Terry, “Yes, I will take a second helping.”

It’s been a while since we have used our Orion convection smoker and we decided we needed to remedy that. So we picked up a couple of racks of baby back ribs and put them in the smoker the other day.

We love the Orion because it is quick and easy to use, cooks a couple of racks of ribs to perfection in less than 90 minutes, and they come out absolutely delicious. Served with Cuban style black beans and fixings, forget Tony Roma’s or Sonny’s Barbecue, or our local favorite, Dustin’s Barbecue. Nobody can make ribs like Terry does in the Orion.

Take a look and tell me I’m wrong. I would tell you to take a bite, but I finished the rest of them off for dinner last night. We both agree that we need to try smoking a couple of chickens, or better yet, a turkey soon.

And what makes a delicious dinner even better, you ask? How about some of Terry’s amazing banana bread? Yes, I know. I am a very lucky man.

Thought For The Day – The CDC is now saying we can have gatherings of up to eight people without issues. I don’t even know eight people without issues.

Nick Russell

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  7 Responses to “An Uncomfortable Conversation”

  1. I agree about those conversations. We have had them with my parents, and while I hope we don’t have to face their deaths anytime soon, there is comfort in knowing that when the time comes, we can follow their wishes. They and my husband also know my wishes, should I predecease them.

    I am not trying to be nosy, and will not be offended if you don’t answer, but I seem to remember that Miss Terry has children (sons?). Have you had a similar conversation with them? You usually only talk about Travis and Tiffany and I know that they love Miss Terry and consider her “Mom.”

  2. That “conversation” is absolutely important. Last January I spoke at a fireside chat in Boomerville and was asked to share my experiences with others. I am actually teaching a seminar at the July Escapade in Wyoming titled “DO YOU HAVE A PLAN?”. My late husband Luke and I had that conversation many times. While we we had Advance Health Directives on file, we didn’t have the legal documents in place at that time. In 2019 when he had his first strokes while we were RVing in Quartzsite, we both knew what our plan was and shared it many times with our only adult child. In made decisions informed and I was able to move forward with my “life after Luke”. Since then, I now have all the legal documents in place and my daughter, medical, legal, and financial teams have copies and there is A PLAN when my turn comes. Keep the conversations going!!!

  3. Barbara B, unfortunately, Terry’s adult children have not had a relationship with her in many years.

  4. Great advice. We’ve done that planning and stuff. My parents did the same for me. Nice. No worries. We’re in no hurry to leave though, I have too many ways to cook delicious ribs. Those look wonderful.

  5. Your both turn 69 after I do and we had that conversation with our kids ages ago. We refresh our Wills only when needed.
    Those Ribs look fantastic but that would be Two Meals for us.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  6. Richard, it was actually 2 meals (4 servings) for each or us and 3 servings for our friends across the street. Those were huge slabs of meat!

    Barb, I have three sons and a daughter. I love them all very much.

  7. Actually, I have 4 sons and two daughters. I love them all very much! Tiffany and her family and Travis and Geli make sure every day that I know I am Mom and I am loved.

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