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As much as Miss Terry likes to cook, you would probably think she has just about every kitchen gadget ever made. And you would be right when it comes to spatulas and knives and whisks and stainless steel bowls and all kinds of other kitchen utensils, along with her beloved KitchenAid mixer and her Vitamix, and things like that. But she’s really not into a lot of the newer gadgets that have come out in the last few years.

A bread machine? No way. She said she likes to knead the bread by hand because it helps her work out her frustrations. The way she looks at me when she says that, I’m kind of glad that she does things that way because I think I know where a lot of those frustrations come from. A while back we got an Instantpot, and I think she’s used it once or twice, but it’s just not her thing. Part of that is my fault because I don’t really care for stewed foods.

But I do like fried food, as bad as it is for me, and for a while now, we’ve talked about getting an air fryer. Her beloved Breville Smart Oven has an air fryer setting, but Terry hasn’t been that impressed with it, which is about the only she isn’t impressed with about the Breville. A while back, my buddy Jesse Bolton mentioned that they have a Ninja air fryer and really like it, so I decided to order one for Terry and see what she thinks of it.

It arrived the other day, so yesterday she decided to make chicken wings, one of my favorite meals. Terry looked up a couple of different recipes and one called for 20 minutes in the air fryer and another one called for 40 minutes, so she decided to compromise at 30.

Unfortunately, somewhere toward the end of the cycle, our credit union called to report that they had made a mixup in our account and that a car payment had not been credited the right way. By the time we got that sorted out with them, the wings were done and had been sitting in the air fryer for a while. Terry took them out and they were a little too done. It’s a learning curve, and I’m sure she’ll get it right before too long. As for me, I had no complaints. They still tasted great.

Since she was already in the kitchen getting used to the air fryer, Terry decided to bake some fresh whole wheat oat bread at the same time. She made two loaves and they taste even better than they look. I definitely want some more!

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Thought For The Day – A lot of people are alive only because I shed too much hair to get away with murder.

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  4 Responses to “Wheat Bread And Ninja Wings”

  1. I have the same fryer . U cook it for five minutes flip and cook for another five minutes and you’re done
    Ribs take about 6 minutes Flip a go for another six minutes
    Thick ribeye steak about 5 Minutes flip and Cook for two minutes for medium rare
    A regular steak about six minutes rare
    Panko and your favorite seasoning go light on the seasoning because it enhance the flavor too much
    Wash the rack out let it dry before you put it back into the pot you won’t get that smell

  2. Terry, I have a Cuisinart Toaster Oven that includes an air fryer-broiling-bake. Yes, it takes many trial and errors. The oven comes with a recipe booklet and I modified my chicken wings because of the temperature. I followed the recipe once and yes, over done. I reduced the temp and monitored the time next time. Getting better. One time I used several spices in a bag and air fried that way. The next time I used the McCormick chicken seasoning and not bad. I find so far chicken wings and shrimp are not too bad. I have to work on my french toast. David loves the bone-in pork chop with the air fryer. Again, you need to experiment with times and temps. When I use the air fryer on a high temp, seems my smoke alarm goes off. Enjoy.

  3. We really like our Instant Pot and we do not do stews. The Instant Pot is great for pork ribs, pork roasts and beef roasts. We especially like the way it does pork ribs. We have the 3 quart size Instant Pot as we are only cooking for 2. One recipe we like is about a cup to a cup and 1/2 of honey barbecue sauce mixed in cranberry grape juice. Mix to taste. I use about 1/4 of the mix is barbecue sauce as we don’t like a strong barbecue sauce taste. Put in ribs. About big 6 ribs with lots of meat (may have to cut slab in half). Set pot for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then let sit for 15 minutes. I serve the ribs with some of the juice over them. Have not used an air fryer so will be interested in Terry’s results and opinion.

  4. Those chicken wings ( my favorite) look great! And the picture of the bread made my mouth water……

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