My Biker Phase

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Feb 272021

My love affair with motorcycles started when I was a teenager. I bought my first bike, a 1967 Triumph Bonneville T120 with a 650cc engine, with money I earned mowing lawns and shoveling snow. A year or so later I bought a 750cc Norton Commando. I rode both of those motorcycles everywhere I could until my father caught me riding to high school on snow-covered roads one morning. After that, the bikes stayed in the garage and I drove my car until spring.

Over the years I’ve had all kinds of motorcycles, my last one being a beautiful Yamaha V Star 1100cc. It was probably the best motorcycle I ever owned, and I loved it. But after ten years of not riding, then switching to a much bigger bike than I was used to, and several million fools texting as they are driving down the highway, I decided that it was time to hang up the helmet.

But that last motorcycle did lead to some fun and games. This was during our fulltime RVing days, and we were going to spend a week or so in Quartzsite, Arizona, the Mecca for RVers every winter. Before going to Quartzsite, we stopped for a week or so to visit with some friends along the way. Among them were Smoky and Pam Ridgeley, and when Smoky saw the bike he said he had the perfect accessory for it. He went inside their fifth wheel and came back with a do rag decorated with big white stars, with long gray “hair” sewn inside it. When I saw that thing on, I just knew I was going to get some laughs out of it.

I can’t tell from this picture if Miss Terry is saying, “that’s the man I love” or “what the hell am I doing with this idiot?”

I started losing my hair when I was overseas in the Army, and anybody who knows me knows that I’m pretty much bald. At that time, we were carrying the motorcycle on a rack on the back of our MCI bus conversion, and before we pulled into a camping area in Quartzsite where a bunch of Escapees RV club members that we knew had gathered, I made a point of putting the do rag on. To say I got some odd looks from people we knew would be an understatement.

I wore the skullcap for the rest of that day, and while we were sitting around a fire ring with a bunch of people that evening, I overheard someone behind me saying, “What’s up with Nick? He bought a motorcycle, and he now thinks he’s a Hells Angel or something?”

I didn’t let on that I heard him, but the next morning I saw him walking his dog on a leash past our bus, and I went outside without the do rag to say good morning to him. He stopped and stared at me and asked, “Where’s your hair?” I told him that I had heard what he said the night before and that I didn’t realize I was making a spectacle of myself, so as soon as we got back to the bus, I had Terry cut it all off.

That poor guy started apologizing up, down, and sideways, saying he didn’t mean any offense, and I kept telling him no, he did me a favor. I didn’t want people laughing at me behind my back. That just made him apologize more, and I really felt sorry for him. But not sorry enough to let him off the hook.

I waited until later in the day when he was sitting on his lawn chair soaking up some sunshine, and I put the do rag back on and walked over to talk to him. He stared at me with a confused look on his face, and then it hit him, and he called me a few names that I would have taken offense to if we were drinking in a bar. Well, not in a biker bar, but you know what I mean. We all got a good laugh out of it, and that was pretty much the end of my biker phase. I gave the do rag back to Smoky, and just the other day, his wife Pam told me they still have it somewhere. I wish I had it, because I could still get some fun out of that thing.

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Thought For The Day – If you have an issue, get a tissue.

Nick Russell

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  1. Great story!!!

    And… I love the picture of Terry looking at you… take it from another woman… she has “the look of love”… the best to you both!

  2. Nick, my last bike was a Yamaha Virago 750 shaft drive. Bought it new when it first came out in Phoenix. Rode it until we moved to Mountain Home, AR in ’03. Selling it was one of the dumbest moves I ever made. Loved that bike and Arkansas is a wonderful state for motorcycling. Now back in Arizona but too old for riding. Be Safe

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