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Feb 192021

I’m back with more questions from blog readers about RVing, what’s happening in our lives since we hung up the keys, and all kinds of other things. While I try to answer all questions individually, I also share some here occasionally.

Q. We are stuck in Oklahoma working traveling nurse jobs and freezing our butts off. Our RV has two furnaces and they seem to blow more hot air outside than in here. I seem to recall way back that you had some kind of portable propane heater in your bus conversion. What was it? And how do we safely use one in an RV?

A. It was an Olympian catalytic heater, and it was so efficient that we never used our furnace after we installed it. We always kept a roof vent and a window open an inch or so for ventilation and for the convection effect and stayed toasty warm even in places where the overnight temperature was in the single digits.

Q. I think you said you and Terry had your COVID-19 vaccines a while back. Have either of you had any problems from them?

A. We received our first round of the Moderna vaccine on January 25, and yesterday I received an e-mail confirmation that our second vaccine will be as originally scheduled for this coming Monday. I was glad to get that because many are being rescheduled due to weather and supply problems. We had no problems from the first shots and have been told we may experience a slight fever, body aches, and fatigue for a day or two after the second ones. That’s a small price to pay to have protection against the virus.

Q. At one time, you published a guide to VFW posts with RV parking for members. Do you still have it available, and how much is the cost? I want to order two of them.

A. Now that we are no longer RVing, I have not updated any of our guides in a long time. But I will be happy to send a copy of the e-book to any VFW member who wants one at no charge. Just send me an e-mail at editor@gypsyjournal.net

Q. After reading your blog post yesterday about ordering stuff from Amazon, I guess you don’t get the “buy local” concept, do you?

A. We do buy local when we can, but there is also a concept called “keep your butt home to avoid exposure to COVID-19.” We adhere to that as much as possible.

Q. We found a motorhome listed on Craigslist here in Spokane that seems to be right up our ally. However we suspect it is some kind of a scam. The seller e-mailed to say he is in the Army serving overseas and is selling it for his widowed aunt. He said he has a friend from out of town (Seattle) who will meet us to see the RV. The selling price is half of what it should be because he has to get it sold in a hurry. The “friend” contacted us and both of their English in their e-mails is super bad. The friend wants us to wire him $200 as a refundable “good faith” deposit before he drives all the way over here, just to be sure we will show up. My husband asked where the motorhome is so we could drive by and look at it, and the seller says it is in a secret location because of his classified job in the Army, and that the friend will meet us at a mall parking lot to see it. Yes, I know, red flags everywhere. But if it really is a legitimate deal, we could save a fortune. We always value your advice, Nick. Should we walk away?

A. No, don’t be foolish and walk away from a deal like this. Be smart and RUN AWAY as fast as you can! You see the red flags, now heed them. There is no way this will turn out well.

Q. I just finished Fresh Out Of Mojo and I have to tell you that I think it’s your best book in the John Lee series yet, Nick. Are John Lee and Maddy ever going to get married?

A. I have no idea what any of those people plan to do from one book to the next. I just write down what they tell me to.

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  1. For the person who had a bit of attitude about “buy local” must not know the people I know who think “buy local” means to buy at the closest Wal-Mart or Dollar General.

  2. My Olympian Wave 6 heater worked like a champ during my 4 day blackout this week. Very efficient and and quiet. Awesome! But I’m alarmed that it appears that it is no longer being made and parts like the pad are not to found easily. Maybe they made another more better model.

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