Jan 312021

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day here on the Central Coast of Florida, with temperatures in the mid-70s, a gentle breeze, and lots of blue sky. As I have said several times now, I really want to get my pontoon boat in the water and do some fishing. We have several fishing rods that have been standing in the corner of the garage unused for the last two years, so Terry and I spent some time going over them and seeing what needed to be done before they could be used again.

The first order of business was to separate them because they had gotten tangled up, with their lines crisscrossed among them in a big snarl that took a while to straighten out. At one time, some of the rods belonged to my dear friend Tim Moran, whom we lost a few years ago, and they have been sitting even longer. I needed to check them out and see if they were serviceable, and if not, what they needed.

Unfortunately, a couple of the rods had nice reels on them that have frozen up, and I don’t know if they’ll ever be serviceable again. The eyes that the fishing line goes through on a couple of the rods that we normally use have come apart, so I will have to order a repair kit from Amazon to fix them. But even with all of that, we still came up with five or six serviceable rods and reels, and I was ready to go fishing today.

Unfortunately, my timing sucked, as usual. We should have done all of that on Friday and gone fishing yesterday because the news last night said that today is going to be in the mid-70s again, but with quite a bit of wind. Probably too much to take the pontoon boat out. I should have known better than to get my hopes up, darn it.

I guess it could be worse. Here is snow on our daughter’s patio in our old hometown of Show Low, Arizona. Yes, Arizona. It’s not all desert. Show Low, in the White Mountains, gets a lot of snow and has a popular ski area nearby. No, thank you. I have a clause in my contract that says when it snows, I go somewhere else.

Terry has been working hard to make sure Tiffany and her family stay warm. Here is another one of the turban headbands that she knitted for Tiffany. She loves it.

Terry also knitted this cap for Tiffany’s son Travis, and that will be going out to him with some other stuff soon.

Yes, I have a son named Travis and a grandson named Travis. I guess we could call them Big Travis and Little Travis, except that Little Travis is over 6 feet, and taller than  Big Travis. Or we could call them Old Travis and Young Travis. But I don’t want to acknowledge that I have a kid that is old. I think I’ll just refer to them as “Hey, you!”

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Thought For The Day – My wife managed to open a jar of pickles herself and now I am nonessential.

Nick Russell

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  3 Responses to “I Should Have Known Better”

  1. And I have a grandson named Travis.

  2. We were in FL in the 5er last winter, but we’re home in NH in the snow this year. Except for my wife having decided to remodel the kitchen, I’m enjoying it a lot. I grew up in Buffalo, I don’t mind snow LOL. Re: Thought for the Day – Put the pickles on the highest shelf in the kitchen, and you’re back in business!

  3. Reminds me of all the times I would take a Saturday to go fishing only to have it Rain. To service your reels simply add a lite film of Petroleum Jelly inside the gears and they’ll last a lifetime.
    Even though we are looking at that White Stuff right now we’d prefer not to be.
    Simply call one Son and the other Travis.
    Terry is definitely keeping busy. She’s doing a great job.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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