Boats And Birds

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Jan 122021

Well, I still haven’t gotten my pontoon boat in the water yet, but yesterday we did go down to our private fishing pier and spent some time soaking up the fresh air coming off the Intracoastal Waterway. It is one of my favorite places to be, and I can feel my whole body de-stressing just sitting there.

Though we didn’t have our boat out, there were quite a few on the water. Everything from pontoon boats to small center console fishing boats to this beautiful cruiser that would be fun to live on for a short time.

The folks in this Hobie-Craft were having a good time, using both the sail and the peddle drive to zip right along.

There were also lots of birds to keep us company. This pelican greeted us when we first came down to the pier. If you’ve never seen a pelican splash down in the water going after a fish, it’s a sight to see. Unfortunately, I was never quick enough to take a picture of one in action.

But at least I did get a few pictures of birds in flight.

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to be a bird and be afraid of heights.

There were lots of terns. This guy was quite noisy and apparently didn’t appreciate us interrupting his afternoon.

It was breezy and somewhere in the upper 60s, but not bad for a while. But after an hour or so we decided that was enough for one day, so we came home. We are still hoping to get the boat out on the water soon.

Speaking of things that live in the water, a story from Channel 6 News in Orlando about somebody scratching Trump’s name into a manatee’s back really pissed me off. If I caught somebody abusing an animal like this, one of us would not walk away from the confrontation!

Of course, there are other critters in the world, too. My pal Carol Ann Newsome, who writes the excellent Dog Park mystery series, just released her latest book, Swamp Monster, to the delight of her many fans. You can order it on Amazon at this link.

I mentioned the other day that I finally found someone who can move the blog away from Go Daddy to another server. His name is David Carr and he has been busy working on it. After the many weeks I spent trying to get the missing passwords I needed from Go Daddy, David was able to do it in a heartbeat. He told me yesterday that most of the prior blogs and photos have been transferred over to a temporary holding spot on the new site, and sometime today he will probably migrate everything else over. You should be able to just use the link you do now and be directed to it, but if not, or if you have a subscription to the daily blog and you don’t get it, you may have to type in the blog address to access it and save a new link.

David tells me that one of the problems that should go away is that many readers have problems accessing the most current blog post. Sometimes I can open a new blog immediately after I post it, but Terry, who uses the same Wi-Fi in the same house, can’t get it for at least a day, and sometimes two. It’s the same with comments left by readers. I can see them, but many times other readers can’t for a day or two. Hopefully, that will take care of that issue, too. Meanwhile, please be patient with us as we make this transition because there is always the possibility of an unexpected glitch along the way.

Thought For The Day – My ancestors navigated their way across the ocean using stars, and here I am missing my exit with a GPS.

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  2 Responses to “Boats And Birds”

  1. Years ago I had an Alcoholic supervisor that used to get upset because he couldn’t rile me up because I was so relaxed. When a coworker started acting the same he caved in and admitted we had been out fishing on my boat.
    Having floated with the Manatee twice, I know how gentle they are. If the both of us caught the guy who did that, he’d be shark bait.
    Have noticed for some time that my Comments after I hit submit are nowhere to be found.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the relaxation.

    It’s about time.

  2. Yeah – the current posting didn’t load when I first opened the link – clicked on the header and it opened to the current page..
    Re the horrific assault & abuse of the manatee in Florida, I would bet my life this disgusting criminal didn’t act alone – the coward/cowards who were with the assailant could semi redeem themselves by turning the bastage in to the authorities.
    I believe those who would abuse an animal would and have do the same to another human.

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