Santa Came Early

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Dec 042020

Terry and I don’t really do Christmas, in terms of giving each other gifts. We buy things for the grandkids, and we always buy a bunch of toys and food for the holiday drives for the needy in our area. But when it comes to each other, if we want something we usually just buy it. But Santa did come to our house early this year.

I’m strictly a meat and potatoes man, but Terry likes veggies. All kinds of veggies. Early in our relationship she tried to bring me around her to way of thinking, but we came to an understanding. She doesn’t ask me to eat veggies, I don’t ask her to go to stripper bars. It seems to work for both of us.

Terry is always complaining that she can’t find enough fresh vegetables and greens and herbs and things like that to last between our infrequent shopping trips during the pandemic. So I ordered her a kit from AeroGarden that included the Bounty Elite Artisan indoor hydroponic gardening system and a separate smaller Sprout system, along with plant food and seed pods.

It was delivered Wednesday afternoon, and yesterday she set them up. It was quick and easy, and Terry is now looking forward to growing her own, right here at home. Several people I talked to online have AeroGardens and seem to like them a lot, so here’s hoping these work well for Terry.

In a blog post a week or so ago titled It’s Not Always Rainbows And Unicorns, I said that the battery in our Ford Explorer had gone dead and the fellow at O’Reilly Auto Parts told me that the problem is my alternator. I was rather skeptical about that, since he never tested the alternator. I dropped it off at Leon’s Automotive here in Edgewater on Wednesday afternoon, and I got a call from them yesterday saying that it did not need an alternator, all it needed was the battery replaced, which was under warranty.

They even took it to O’Reilly’s and got a new battery and put it in for me. That’s why I trust this small four generation family owned business. They could have easily had O’Reilly replace the battery and still put in a new alternator for a bunch of money, but they didn’t. That’s not the way they do business. They also topped off all of my fluids and aired all of the tires up, a courtesy they do for all of their customers They take care of their customers and depend on repeat business. My kind of people.

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Thought For The Day – Some call it multitasking. I call it doing something else while I try to remember what I was doing in the first place.

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  1. Let us know how Terry likes the indoor grow kit. I have been thinking about something like that for me.

  2. Nick, please offer a future report on how Terry likes her AeroGarden. I have been looking at them for months, but don’t know anyone who has one…until now. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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