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Oct 232020

I wasn’t completely surprised when the company who was supposed to be here yesterday afternoon to remove the big tree in our yard never showed up or called. In fact, given the way most service companies operate in this area of Florida, I would have actually been more surprised if they did.

It seems like no matter who you call and or what promises they make you, at least 75% of the time you get stood up. That’s what happened to us yesterday. Maybe they will show up today, maybe they won’t. Maybe they will call, maybe they won’t. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Terry made delicious blueberry pancakes for brunch yesterday that left us feeling comfortably full all day. So much so that I didn’t even feel like a snack during the afternoon. I spent most of the day making corrections to my new Big Lake book, researching a couple of items on the law in Arizona, and pretty much acting like a responsible adult. Trust me, that’s not always easy for me to pull off.

Neither of us was very hungry at the end of the day, so we just had cold sandwiches, and then spent the evening watching the presidential debate. It was a little more civil than the first time around, but that’s not saying much.

Speaking of the election, we got confirmation yesterday that our votes have been received and counted. I don’t know about you, but I will be so glad to get all of this election nonsense over. Every year, American politics seem to get more hostile. I miss the good old days when we were all Americans, and being a Democrat or a Republican or anything else came after that.

Today we both have to get blood draws for upcoming doctors’ appointments, and due to scheduling at the lab, they are over two hours apart. Fortunately, it’s only three or four miles from home, so we can run down there to get Terry’s blood draw done and come home, and I can go back later for mine. But I’ll tag along while she’s getting hers done and ask if they have a cancellation. If so, I can go ahead and get it out of the way at the same time. You never know if you don’t ask.

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Thought For The Day – My wife wanted to decorate our front porch with pumpkins but I didn’t so we compromised and decorated the porch with pumpkins.

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  1. My opinion is that the media is to blame for a lot of the hostility . They are all trying to gain audience . And there are many of them. Each little step is magnified bigger by their desire to get a bigger scoop. Listening to ABC every news bite starts out with, “Now more news about the highly contested election”. Why is it more contested, we have an incumbent , we don’t have the first female. We don’t have a 2nd black person. We just have two people running for president. One happens to have a big mouth and the other tends to stick his foot in his. They are a couple old Men and the media is trying to make a Mt. out of a mole hill. There are important issues but not a whole lot more than usual except the pandemic. With your background Nick, am I wrong in my opinion? Is 24 hour news wrecking our world?

  2. I did a mail in ballot up here in out British Columbia, Canada provincial election. The election is tomorrow the 24th but with so many voting advance or by mail we will be just like you with the final results not being announces for a few days. The New Democrats are ahead in the polls against the right wing coalition calling themselves “Liberals” but are anything but liberal. Overall the New Democrats are up by 12% and in my Riding here on Vancouver Island, we are up by 28%. But it all comes down to who bothers to vote. Which I can’t understand. I am 75 and only missed voting in one election in all those years.

    I wish we got a receipt that our ballots were received. As it is, we just have to trust the system, which I do. But still…

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