Another Rainy Day

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Oct 202020

Yesterday was another rainy day for us here on the Central Florida coast. And just like the day before, we had periods of hard rain and at other times it was no more than a light sprinkle, but it seemed to come down for most of the day. I was perfectly happy with that because that means I did not have to water our plants. Mother Nature was doing it for me.

I didn’t accomplish a lot yesterday except for making some revisions to my new Big Lake book and also spending an hour or so writing down all the details of the book idea that came to me in my dream the other night. When that happens, I find that if I type up some notes about the different scenes, when I’m ready to write the book it all seems to come back to me.

When I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I had dreamed the plot of a new book, a reader sent me a message that said she didn’t believe that really happened. Believe what you want, my friend, but it happens to me quite often. In fact, I dreamed the entire plot for my original Big Lake mystery over a series of nights, then wrote the whole book over a three day weekend. Of course, I then sat on it for fourteen years because I did not have any faith in my ability to write fiction, until I finally gave in to Terry’s nagging and put it up on Amazon as an e-book in May of 2011. In December of that year the book made the New York Times bestseller list and launched a new career for me.

We filled out our mail in ballots yesterday, and today we will drop them off in a drop box at the library in New Smyrna Beach. From everything I’ve heard, the lines can be very long to get in and vote, but dropping off ballots is pretty much a drive-in procedure. You pull in, get out of your car, put the ballot envelopes in a secure box curbside and you are done. Whoever you support in this election, now more than ever, I think it’s very important to vote.

I also spent some time yesterday afternoon talking to one of the companies I am considering switching over to from Go Daddy that was very highly recommended by several author friends of mine. I called earlier in the day and spoke to a young lady who said she would have an account representative get back with me, but she did tell me that it was a typical busy Monday and it would be later in the day. And sure enough, a young man named Danny called me about 3 PM and we talked for quite a bit about my needs.

Basically, I told him that I don’t have time to mess with anything except writing the blog and posting it. I pay Go Daddy a lot of money every month to take care of all the details, of maintaining, updating, and backing things up, and they dropped the ball. I let Danny know that if his company couldn’t do the job, he needed to tell me now.

He assured me they can do everything I need, but did say that because the blog is so big, with over fourteen years of posts, that it would take a while to get everything migrated over. He also said that in the process there was a possibility I might be down for a few days while it was all happening. Well, it couldn’t be worse than what we have already dealt with, can it?

One problem is that before anything happens, I need to find the cPanel ID and password for my Go Daddy accounts. For some reason, I can’t find them, and they are different than my regular login and passwords. I sent a message to Go Daddy asking how to reset them and hopefully, they will get back to me fairly soon. But I’m not holding my breath.

Monday morning I got messages from several readers that they could not access the blog once again. They were getting the same connection error message. I tried to log on and got the error message the first time, but after that I was able to get in fine.

I also heard from several blog subscribers who are having the same problem. If you subscribe to the daily blog and have the link sent to you, you may need to resubscribe. I think some of that information was lost in the crash last week.

Thought For The Day – I am so tired of people running around with a mouth full of Scripture and a heart full of hate.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

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  1. Spent a couple of hours getting caught up with your blog after being discharged from the hospital. Sorry your having so much trouble with GoDaddy but it looks like you have a plan to get everything working with the new company. Sure missed reading this every morning but now I am on the mend so everything is going to be good.

  2. Good luck with the swap!

  3. You’ve written about your blog problems before and believe it or not I have always been able to read your posts. I read through Feedly. Maybe I’m just lucky or maybe some readers are having issues with their own computers or browsers? Technolog is great when it works!

  4. May I share the paragraph about your dream? That is so cool!

  5. Sure, help yourself.

  6. Amen

  7. Amen to your Thought for the day.

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