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Sep 022020

Posting from my phone. No blog today, Total system crash on my computer, will not even start. After hours of fighting it I give up. Dell tech support worthless. Hopefully I can get it resolved and working for Friday’s blog. Fortunately my data is backed up.

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  1. Disappointed, but I understand. Try HP next time! I’ve owned several over the years (many computers since 1984!…. first one was a Texas Instrument with 2K!, then an Apple before hard drives) and I’m still a computer novice! I’ve had best luck with HP …………. good luck! Glad you saved your work………. soooooooo looking forward to the next Tinder Street and Big Lake, too!

  2. Well, that sucks.

  3. Sadly, I had a similar problem. Dell laptop computer, not a base model, over $1100, barely out of warranty. Hardly used, as it was bought as a replacement for an HP that is over 10 years old. The stickers were still on it. Refused to turn on, so I took it to a repair shop thinking the battery or charging cord was bad, but no, it was the motherboard. Irreparable and no replacement available. Took it to the recycling depot yesterday. Had the same problem with a Toshiba about 7 years earlier.
    I use the computer mostly for financial purposes, and a tablet for everything else, so now I just back up the computer every time I use it, on an external drive.
    No more higher end computers for me. I will stick to the base stuff.

  4. No blog today
    Our author’s computer when away
    Maybe tomorrow
    It was stick around to play….

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