Aug 222020

Yesterday started out very nice. While Terry was making French toast for breakfast, I checked my email, deleted the junk and forewards, and answered the ones that needed to be taken care of. Then we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. With that out of the way, I wrote another chapter the next book my Tinder Street series and printed it out for Terry to proof.

About that time, the mail lady arrived with our two new Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphones that we ordered from Consumer Cellular. That’s when the frustration began, and it only got worse.

I’ve set up several smartphones in my time, and it’s usually not a big deal. My friend Dave Violette had told me to be sure to use Samsung’s Smart Switch to easily transfer files and apps from our old phones to the new ones. That seemed simple enough. However, you know what they say. If they make something that’s idiot-proof, the world will provide a bigger idiot. That idiot would be me.

The first step was to activate the new phones. What I should have done was to activate one phone and transfer all of the files from the old phone to the new one and be done with it, and then repeat the process. Oh no, why would I do something like that?
Instead, I activated both phones at once, and then I set up the Google account on the one I thought had my phone number. As it turned out, it was the phone with Terry’s number. So we deleted it and put her information in, and I put my Google account into my phone. But then, for some reason, both phones identified as being mine, but my contact list had transferred to Terry’s phone, and I didn’t have one at all. And if she called my number from her phone, it said it was me calling me. If I called her from my phone, it said it was me calling me.

Along with the other things that came with the phones, Consumer Cellular sent a flyer explaining the smartphone set up and an invitation to call their 800 number if we ran into any problems. So I called the number and was on hold for a long time, pressing this button for this, another button for that, and then I got a message that due to heavy demand, they were backlogged, and to leave a time when I would like them to call me back. I chose something 15 or 20 minutes further down the road and got a message that said they would not be able to call me back until sometime on the 22nd after 6 PM Pacific time. Boy, that was a lot of help!

Then I called my daughter Tiffany, back in our old hometown of Show Low, Arizona, and she tried very hard to talk me through it. That didn’t work either. So when her husband Kenny got home from work a couple of hours later, he called and tried to help. Following Kenny’s directions, we got Terry’s Google account straightened out, and mine deleted from her phone.

Later, I was finally able to use a USB cable between my old phone and my new one and used the Smart Switch app to transfer my data, apps, and my contact lists to my new phone, and was able to set up our email accounts on both phones.

But something is wrong with Terry’s old phone, and every time I connect the USB cable between the phones and start to transfer her stuff over, her old phone goes dead. We charge the battery and start over, and it immediately dies again. The phone has been getting worse all the time and won’t hold a charge, which is why we wanted new phones in the first place.

By then, it was 11:45 PM, and I was done for the night. I told Terry I could not do another thing, except write the blog. I’ll tackle it again this morning and see what happens. I might have to find a phone shop that can do the transfer for me. Or else a ten year old kid. That might be the better option, really.

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Thought For The Day – Yesterday I had my patience tested. I’m negative.

Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Way Beyond Frustrated”

  1. Since you’ve transferred your data, can you take the battery out of ypur old phone and put it in Terri’s old phone? Good luck!

  2. I just upgraded to a new Samsung cell as well. I used the option using wireless to move the info for the same reason, bad battery and had to keep the old phone plugged in to complete the transfer.

  3. Perhaps your WiFi connection is too weak to transfer all info fast enough.Mine was, so I used another, stronger WiFi connection and then it all transferred quickly ,problem solved.

  4. Ugh. It’s getting harder all the time. I’m lucky to have a 17-year-old on site. And sometimes my iPhone stumps even him.
    I don’t want to be like my mom (91) and let all the technology pass by my old creaky self. But it’s getting harder.

    I feel your pain.

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