I’m Glad I Called

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Aug 122020

I don’t know when you will see this blog, since when I logged on at 11:30 last night to get it ready to post, I got a message saying that WordPress was doing some kind of critical update and to try back later. I waited until just before midnight and got the same message. If it takes too long, I will just wait and post it in the morning. Don’t you just love technology?

Speaking of technology, Terry had an appointment scheduled for yesterday afternoon with Island Doctors in New Smyrna Beach to go over some ultrasound results they had ordered for her. Usually, when either one of us has an appointment with them, we get a confirmation call the day before, but yesterday morning Terry mentioned that she had not received a call. At first, we thought maybe they had just forgotten to get in touch with us, but I decided to give them a call myself, just in case. And I’m glad I did.

Even though the written appointment card they gave us said that the appointment was on the 11th, yesterday, and we put that time and date into the calendars on both of our phones while we were standing at the counter there, according to their computer it wasn’t until Friday, the 14th. Just to be sure, we double-checked the appointment card and our phones, and everything said the 11th. But their computer said the 14th, and who are we to argue with a computer? At least we don’t have jobs that we had to take a day off from to go to an appointment that wasn’t going to happen.

Just because we don’t have “jobs” doesn’t mean we don’t do a lot of work. As I said in yesterday’s blog, I had narrated a chapter in the second book in my Tinder Street series while sitting in the Explorer with the air conditioner blowing full blast on Monday while waiting for Terry, who was at an eye appointment. But when I got home and downloaded it from my digital recorder, it was garbled. I suspect that was because of the noise of the air-conditioning fan. At any rate, I managed to get it all straightened out yesterday, and then I did another 6,200 words. I’m past the halfway point in the book now.

While I was busy with that, Terry was doing some paperwork, researching patterns for her next weaving project, making a nice dinner, and for dessert, a Peach galette, which is a single crust pie made without a pie pan. Topped off with a big scoop of Tillamook Vanilla Bean ice cream, it was delicious! We first got hooked on Tillamook ice cream when we were spending our summers on the Pacific Northwest coast and were delighted to discover that they carry it at our local Publix grocery store.

While we were doing all of that, we had a strong afternoon thunderstorm come through the area, and there was so much thunder booming and lightning flashing that for a while there it felt like I was in some kind of artillery barrage. But, as happens here more often than not, we got a good hard rain that lasted 15 minutes or so, and then it stopped, even though the thunder and lightning continued for quite a while. Areas just north and south of us got a lot more rain, but the umbrella that hovers above our little subdivision kept most of it away.

How many of you enter our free weekly drawings? And more importantly, how many of you who win an audiobook actually redeem the code for it? Because it looks like a lot of them don’t get redeemed at all. In fact, looking back, out of 16 audiobooks that were awarded as prizes recently, only seven of them were redeemed. Why enter a contest if you don’t want the prize? That’s unfair to other people who might want it, and a waste of my time to solicit prizes from other authors and conduct the drawings. Please, do me a favor, if you have won an audiobook, go redeem the code. It only takes a couple of minutes. The codes are only good for a certain amount of time, and then they are no longer valid.

I know we’ve all heard a lot about COVID-19 and the challenges of reopening schools, and the decisions some parents have to make as to whether to send their kids back to the classroom or do distance learning. Personally, I don’t think any kid should be in a classroom right now. If they’re canceling major sporting events and national political conventions, why should we send our kids to classrooms? My daughter Tiffany, who lives in our old hometown of Show Low, Arizona, has made the decision to keep her kids home until things clear out, which I fully support. Even more so when she called me yesterday to tell me that the school district is requiring parents to sign a waiver for each student who goes back to class, saying if they get sick or ill for any reason, the school district is not liable. Aren’t they just admitting they expect problems?

I am trying to build up my presence on the BookBub website, and I would appreciate your help. My goal is 500 followers, and I am at 365 now. Please consider going to my author’s page and following me there. And If you have reviewed any of my past books on Amazon, cutting and pasting the review to my BookBub page would help me tremendously. The link is https://www.bookbub.com/profile/nick-russell?list=author_books. Thank you.

Thought For The Day – Love happens when one realizes the the “us” is more valuable than the “me.”

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

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  1. The reason I didn’t collect our audio book is even the second code you sent would not work and I didn’t want to sound like a pain. I not a computer tech but know how to get through those systems. Sorry Nick.

  2. Nick, I don’t enter the weekly drawings because I have Kindle Unlimited and can get pretty much all the books I can handle that way. So I let someone else who may not have Unlimited enter and win. But, I do find your prizes interesting and will often use those to help me select my next read. I like discovering new authors this way. So, if you do decide to cancel the drawings, I do hope that you will continue to feature new books and authors on your blog to inspire me. Thanks, Bob

  3. Well Nick I no longer enter the contests because I have zero desire to deal with Audible. I think I won one of yours and Jumped through the hoops and quickly decided it isn’t for me. So I didn’t complain as your game not mine. I just stopped entering no big deal. I read quite a bit but have tried audible several times over the years but for me it never gets any better. But yes if you have tried audible and don’t care for it just don’t enter.
    Still read your blogs and all you fiction but I think I missed two.
    Have a great day to you and Terry both.

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