Rockets And Idiots

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Jul 212020

It’s always a thrill to see a rocket lifting off from Cape Canaveral but we have lived here long enough that we don’t always keep track of when the launches are scheduled. I knew that there was one planned for sometime this week that had been delayed earlier because of weather, but it wasn’t until I heard the rumble of the booster rocket as it made its reentry. that I realized it had happened.

As I’ve said before, we can see the rockets taking off from our yard or our dock, but there’s no way except on television to watch the boosters when they land on a ship out in the Atlantic Ocean.

It amazes me that they can send something so high into the air and come back and land so precisely. Heck, half the time I get lost just going to the post office! This was a Falcon 9 rocket, sending satellites into outer space. I think someone said one of the satellites was for the South Korean military, but I’m not sure about that.

We have all heard the term rocket scientists, and obviously, we have a lot of them working just south of us at the Kennedy Space Center, but here is someone who is not a rocket scientist. In fact, he’s an idiot. On the news last night, Missouri Governor Mike Parsons was talking about sending kids back to school. And because I think some people wouldn’t believe it unless they actually saw it, here are his words on the screen. He is acknowledging that sending children back to school is going to result in them getting COVID-19. So why the hell are they sending kids back to school? This idiot doesn’t seem to realize that he has now opened his state to lawsuits from the parents of those kids who do get the virus at school and then come home and give to their rest of their families.

I wish I could say that Ron DeSantis, our governor here in Florida, is any better, but he’s just as much an idiot. He is still insisting that the virus is going to just magically disappear sometime. Gee, I wonder where he got that idea from.

And speaking of idiots, these flyers are appearing around our county. If you’ve never heard of them, the Proud Boys are a hate group. It’s sad to think that in this day and age clowns, like this still exist. But this is what happens when cousins marry and have children.

While waiting for my last proofreader to finish the first book in my Tinder Street family saga, I was busy working on the second book in the series yesterday. I knocked out about 6,000 words, which puts me somewhere over 16,000 words so far in this book, and the words are flowing out just as easily as they did for the first one.

In other news, apparently, the letters from my doctors worked, because I got an email yesterday from the Clerk of Courts for Volusia County saying that I’ve been permanently excused from jury duty. Someone asked me if I didn’t feel at least a little bit guilty that I didn’t want to do my duty as a citizen. When I was a teenager, I volunteered for the Army during the Vietnam War and volunteered to go over there, leaving home the day after high school. In civilian life, I’ve served as a Town Councilman and a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission in my town, I helped organize and was on the board of directors of our battered women’s shelter, and served in other volunteer positions for communities where I lived. So no, I feel no guilt whatsoever. I’ve done my part.

Today is a road trip day for us. We have to go up to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for a follow-up from Terry’s Interstim implant that was done late last year. There are supposed to be isolated thunderstorms during the day, but hopefully, we will get up there and back without any difficulties.

Thought For The Day – A person cannot be reasoned out of a position they did not use reason to arrive at.

Nick Russell

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  10 Responses to “Rockets And Idiots”

  1. Congratulations on the Jury service exemption. And yes, you have certainly exceeded your quota for civic duties. Thank you!

  2. WOW Did somebody put sour milk in your Wheaties this morning

    That’s OK you don’t have to go to jury duty that’s Volusia county’s problem
    But on the same token You’re a list of credentials are zero when it comes to guilty or not guilty That’s why the jury selection is made up of citizens

  3. Thank you for your service, Nick. Didn’t realize that you were a Vietnam vet; my hat’s off to you. What you guys had to do is incredible. I’m a few years younger; I graduated HS in ’76. I have shaken my head, this year, at all the complaining about graduations and trips and plans cancelled because of covid, when so many guys like you got an all expense paid trip through basic and then to southeast Asia as a graduation present. Again, thank you!
    I can’t believe your output as a writer, LOL. Do you lock yourself in a room or what? We’re waiting on the new series and looking forward to it!
    As far as jury duty… yes, time to let someone else step up! Maybe Ed?

  4. Wow, Ed, your hemorrhoids acting up today? Nick’s list of credentials means zero? I have known him since he was a teenager and you have NO idea what this list of credentials are because he would never tell you. But he earned more respect and suffered more for this country before he was 21 that you probably every did or will in your entire life. Then again, in your God-like mind that would not matter anyway. It would just be zero. I seldom see you post anything here that doesn’t show what a total ass you are. It says something about Nick that he doesn’t just block your ignorant ass.

  5. Yes, you have done your part. I have to keep telling myself it’s OK to no longer volunteer. Our former mayor lives in this apartment complex and he’s still volunteering so it’s hard to believe it’s OK to not do so.

  6. I agree, you put life on hold to serve your country, and somebody wants to know if you feel guilty not serving on jury while probability 80 % on jury rolls never served.

  7. Very troubling – is the photo of the recruiting poster located in a business or is it on public property? – I was under the impression these antisocial, white nationalist bastages have been designated as a illegal gang and domestic terrorist group by the Feds.
    Is there favorable local culture supporting an open recruiting campaign?

  8. Franklin, they are showing up on store windows all over the area. The stores pull them down but they come back in a day or so. We are in Florida, a lot of real rednecks here. And not the good kind

  9. During the many years that I have followed your blog, you have successfully avoided the political swamp that threatens to engulf our nation. So I was surprised when you criticized Missouri Governor Mike Parsons and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and went as far as to call them idiots. But I was disappointed that you called the Proud Boys a hate group. They do hate what the Antifa crowds are doing to many of our cities. Your choice to set your sights on the Proud Boy and ignore Antifa was very disappointing. I have a lot of respect for you, Nick. You are a smart guy and a straight shooter. I think your aim was off this time.

  10. We’ll have to agree to disagree, Doug. Some of our local Proud Boys were at a gun shop where I was back around Christmas passing out pamphlets and asking people to join, and saying that it could never be a white Christmas with so many ni@@@rs here. I told the shop owner I would never be back and he just grinned and said I was a Libitard. Maybe so, but this Libitard had bought six guns from him. As for my comments on the governors, I stand by my statement.

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