A Good Report

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Jul 222020

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, Terry had an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville as a follow-up to her Interstim implant. We timed it just right, scoring a parking spot in the often crowded campus just a few feet from the door, stopping in the lobby to have our temperatures taken and answered no to a series of questions about any exposure we might have had to coronavirus, then up to the second floor of the Canady Building building to check-in, and less than five minutes later she was in the room seeing the doctor.

Everything looks good, and they are pleased with how things are going. Terry has to go back in five weeks for another follow-up on some of the other issues she was having when she first went to Mayo, but it’s all good. Every time we go there, we are more and more impressed with the professionalism of the staff, and the fact that they don’t just rush you in and rush you out so they can get to the next patient. They take the time to explain things in terms you can understand, to ask if you have any questions, and to answer them fully.

I also said yesterday’s blog that we were supposed to have some thunderstorms that might impact our travel, and while it was very cloudy when we left the house, about halfway there, the sky cleared up nicely and we had good weather all the way up and back. Well, if you can call 95° and 72% humidity good. Hey, it’s Florida in July. What more could we expect?

When we got back to town, we stopped at Publix grocery store to pick up a few items, and they’ve now implemented a mandatory mask policy, with signs saying that all customers have to wear a mask while in the store. They also make that announcement rather frequently on the store’s PA system. But, of course, a lot of people ignored all of that. There were people walking all over without masks on. I saw a manager we know from shopping there and I and asked him what good it did have a mask policy if they don’t enforce it. He said they try, but some people do what they want anyway. It reminded me of something I was told when I went to NCO school in the Army – rules without consequences are merely suggestions

Back home, we put the groceries away, changed clothes, cleaned up, and had a quick dinner. Then we spent the rest of the evening watching TV. Not a bad way to spend your life, if you have to be an old fart and live in Florida.

I’m having a recurring problem with the blog, and I really don’t know what to do about it. The way it is set up now, when someone makes a comment for the first time, or hasn’t made a comment or entered one of our weekly free drawings in a while, it goes on hold until I can approve it. After that, any comments from that person are automatically approved. But for a while now, I’ve been getting spam comments for investment schemes, Viagra, and comments for things like hot Russian chicks looking for someone to hook up with them, and pictures and links to porn sites. They’re coming in under names that have either entered one of our drawings or made a comment previously, and sometimes names of people I know and who have made comments for years. I even saw one yesterday that said I posted it!

I’m not sure how they are getting that information, or how to stop it. I called Go Daddy a week or so ago about it and their only suggestion was to set it up so that all comments have to be approved each and every time. That’s kind of a hassle for myself and for blog readers, and I really don’t want to do that. But it may come down to it. In the meantime. if you see in an inappropriate post in the blog or on the Free Drawings page, please let me know so I can delete it as soon as possible. And to of those who were exposed to the pornographic images yesterday and Monday, my apologies.

Thought For The Day – Many people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75.

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  1. FYI I posted to your site yesterday when I did there were no comments which I thought was strange however when I push submit, there were one other Above me that had posted as soon as I left the page but came back your comment Count was zero. This comment was posted at 8:47 AM enjoy your day

  2. Even with a Good Virus protection we’ve been getting similar comments. Some about getting Hacking Card, Rubbing female Anatomy even Plastic Surgeons. Like you said they piggy-back respected URLs. Blogger isn’t helping by changing their format to something much worse then before. Hoping you can find a way out of your problem soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. Just to let you know. I made a comment on your Fried Gators post. It has never shown up and the day after The Fried Gator comment I could not get the next blog post all day and had to wait until the next day.

  4. I’ve gotten spam from myself as regular email and I’ve been called by strangers wanting to know why I called them to sell car warranties or hotel packages.

    The call I got this morning was from Maria somebody according to the caller ID, when I asked if they were stealing someone’s identity they hung up.

    The technology has come a long ways.

  5. Connie, strange, because your comment about gator tail shows up on the blog post on two of our computers but not on two others.

  6. Nick: If you are using WordPress for you blog, check out the Akismet plugin. The cost is minimal and it is VERY effective at trapping SPAM comments.

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