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Jun 012020

Am I the only one losing track of the days? As I was writing today’s blog, I planned to tell people that today was their last chance to enter our free drawing and that the winner would be drawn Sunday evening. Then I thought, “didn’t I write that last night?” Yes, I did, on Saturday night, which meant that yesterday was Sunday and time to draw the winner. You can find out who it was later in the blog.

We have not left the house except to get groceries or to pick up prescriptions in so long that I have become totally confused lately. At least if it was the regular TV season, I’d have some idea, because I know what shows we watch and the days they are on. But binge-watching shows on Amazon Prime or Netflix during the summer throws that all out the window.

Speaking of binge-watching, I asked for some suggestions for shows on Netflix or Prime on Facebook and got a ton of good ideas. Last night we watched a couple of episodes of Good Girls on Netflix, and while it’s not all that heavy, it was entertaining’ light fare. I think we will stay with it for a while. We enjoyed the first two seasons of Ozark, also on Netflix, but only made it through half of the first episode of Season 3 and gave up. We just couldn’t get into it. Some people have urged us to stick with it, saying it’s well worth it, so maybe we’ll give it another shot, and we’ll see what happens there.

Today marks the start of the hurricane season for us, which runs through November. The news has been predicting that this will be a more active season than last year and seeing as we have had two named storms already, I think that might well be possible. So, we’ve had political unrest, a pandemic taking over 100,000 lives, our cities are on fire, and all I see on social media lately is hate speech. Can we please have a do-over for 2020?

Since I am in a holding pattern waiting for my last proofreader to get Big Lake Massacre back to me, I have spent the last couple of days doing more research and consolidating some of the information I have gathered for Tinder Street, my new family saga. And yesterday I couldn’t wait any longer and started working on it. I had already written the first three chapters a few weeks ago, which I included in the last issue of my author’s newsletter, and I got two more chapters under my belt yesterday. I printed them out for Terry, and she seemed to be impressed, so here’s hoping for more.

And speaking of books, congratulations Karen Sheff, winner of our drawing for a four-book set of audiobooks from my pal Carol Ann Newsome’s popular Dog Park mystery series. We had 64 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – Ladies, find a man who strokes your hair and says how soft it is, and doesn’t even care that it’s on your legs.

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