Eat The Damn Donut!

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Jun 252020

I got an e-mail the other day from a long time reader who just needed to vent. She is 55 years old and has been diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. The doctors have told her that it has metastasized and the outcome is not going to be good. With Terry having survived stage IV cervical cancer, I know just how devastating news like that is, both to the patient and to their families.

But she didn’t e-mail me to talk about cancer. She wrote to say that we all have a bucket list, and some of us have been fortunate to check off many of the items from that list. Others never get around to doing much at all. She said she fit into that latter category. There are a lot of things that she always wanted to do but they never happened for different reasons. She said she has always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle, but when she was growing up she was told that girls don’t do that. And then she became a wife and a mother and it wasn’t something she felt she could do. She dreamed of going back to college, and she told herself that someday when the kids were out of the house she was going to do that. But things always got in the way and it was put on to the back burner and eventually forgotten. The biggest item on her bucket list, the thing she wanted to do more than anything else, was to go skydiving. But it had always been the same story – “You’re a wife and a mother, you can’t take chances with your life, you need to concentrate on doing serious things.”

Now that she knows she doesn’t have a lot of time left, she has decided that she wants to make that jump just once while she still can. But her husband, her two daughters, and her mother are all absolutely opposed to her doing so. They’re telling her that she could get hurt. She could even die. Her response is, “I’m going to die anyway, and I would much rather do it jumping out of an airplane than I would lying in a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of my body.” She told her family that she was going to do it no matter how they felt about it.

She said she wasn’t asking for advice, she just needed to rant a little bit. I replied that even though she had not asked for my advice, I was going to give it to her, and it was worth exactly what she paid for it. I said if I was in her position, I would not hesitate to do that tandem jump with the instructor that she has wanted to do for so long. Yes, people do die in parachuting accidents. People also die in traffic accidents and boating accidents and home accidents. And a lot of people die of cancer.

Statistically speaking, the odds are that she won’t get hurt or killed and that she will have a memory to enjoy in the time she has left. But if the worst happened, at least she would leave this world with a big smile on her face.

I think I’ve shared with you before that my father loved to read. From the time I was a little boy, he read me stories about Moby Dick and the Drums Along the Mohawk and Treasure Island. But his favorite books were always about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. My Dad always said that someday he was going to take a month off and rent a houseboat and float down the Mississippi River.

But that never happened. Raising kids and working and doing everything else required of a family man always got in the way. Dad died of cancer, and on his deathbed, I asked him what his one regret was. He said that the one thing he wished he could turn back time and do was take those 30 days and float down the Mississippi. In 74 years on this earth, he never found the time. We don’t regret the things we do nearly as much as we regret the things we never got around to doing.

I was also reminded of another friend who had cancer. Her diagnosis wasn’t nearly as bad, but it was not a minor issue, either. This is someone who always watched her weight, cared about her appearance, and stayed away from junk food, sodas, or anything that wasn’t heart and body healthy.

She said that after her first radiation treatment, she and her grandmother passed a Dunkin’ Donuts on the way home, and she mentioned that it had been so many years since she had a doughnut, and every time she drove by that place she was tempted to go in and get one. Then she thought about how many miles she would have to walk on the treadmill just wear off those extra calories, and she never did.

Grandma, who was driving, made a U-turn and pulled into the parking lot to Dunkin’ Donuts. My friend asked her what they were doing, and Grandma said, “I’ll be 80 next month. I have survived wars, and the polio epidemic, and tornadoes, and a house fire, and one thing I know is that no matter what you do, no matter how careful you are, sooner or later, something is going to take you out of this life. Six people are going to carry your casket, so it doesn’t matter if you have an extra pound or two on you. Eat the damn donut!”

How about you? Is there something you have always wanted to do but you keep putting it off because it’s not practical, or there’s not enough time, or whatever your excuse is? Throw those excuses out the window. Eat the damn donut. Jump out of the airplane. Live while you can. Because we all come with an expiration date, and none of us know when it is.

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Thought For The Day – We must accept the end of something to begin something new.

Nick Russell

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  7 Responses to “Eat The Damn Donut!”

  1. “Eat the damn donut” is going to be my mantra from now on.

  2. Jump out of the damn airplane… always wanted to do it and on my 70th birthday my son and I did Just that. Go for it, you deserve it.
    PS video It you’ll get goosebumps every time you watch it

  3. We’ve done so much, I’m not sure if there’s a lot left on our bucket list or not. Even if we complete the list, I’m sure something new will go on it and it will never end. Larry and I have each done sky diving, SCUBA diving, hang gliding, driven motorcycles and much more. We consider every day a blessing that we are still healthy and happy and have each other.

  4. Life is short…

  5. I to want to tandem jump from an airplane. 90 birthday.

  6. Well, our 2 daughters, at different times, jumped out of perfectly good airplanes too…with an instructor. Neither told me till AFTER the fact for which I am grateful. Saved me time worrying. But it is very true that one should try to do what so draws them, while they can. Hubby and I never got to do a lot of things we had considered. We did HEAVILY invest into and seek out making a move to another country…but that did not pan out. So the next thing on our list was to live in an RV and travel around, at some points staying awhile in order to further research our ancestry (cause you learn so much more when you go to the actual locations). Well, we did not get that far. The past 7 years we have been living near to and helping our daughter who midway went through a divorce (and we learned after the move when the little 3 yr old SHOWED her mom what Daddy was doing to her…yep a real creep, with no soul, obviously). So we have stayed nearby. Then hubby collapsed over a year ago and is steadily growing weaker. We are not positive of all the reasons (you can spend every dime you ever had and never really learn some things health-wise) though his decline actually began 10 years ago after taking CIPRO…which from what others share online, is oh so common…and we can no longer consider travel of any sort. But it is ok. Cause we have been so needed here. IF a person CAN go and do…yes they should. At least we had the pleasure of going to the country we wanted to live in, on 2 trips of almost 2 weeks each. It cost us big time money…but it is money we are glad we spent too!! Thanks for all the stories you share, Nick…no wonder you can write books…heh, incredible all the stories you have lived and heard!!

  7. After my husband died I looked at life differently and have done everything that I have always wanted to do. We did a lot of things when he was alive too. I don’t regret our 30 years together. We had a lot of fun and produced two beautiful daughters and I now have two grandchildren. The only thing that I regret is that he never had the opportunity to enjoy them. Live is very short. When I fill out a profile in the place where they want to know what your profession is I just put “Having Fun” not retired.

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