Not Holding My Breath

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May 172020

Have you received your stimulus check or direct deposit yet? If not, do you know anyone that has? Or is it just another myth, like the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny? I’m beginning to believe the latter.

A week ago yesterday, on the 9th, the IRS website said our stimulus check was being direct deposited into our bank account on Wednesday, the 13th. They already had our banking information and confirmed it with the last four digits of our account number. That never happened. On Friday, the 15th, the IRS website still said it was scheduled to be deposited on the 13th, two days earlier. Then last night, the 16th, the same website says it will be mailed on May 22. Would our government lie to us? Is that possible? I don’t know, but I’m not holding my breath.

We are fortunate in that we don’t need money to pay our bills or purchase food. It’s just going to be sent back to them to help cover our huge tax bill for 2019. But I can’t help thinking about the millions of Americans who do need it. What about them? I’m to the point I don’t believe anything that anybody connected to the government in any way tells me. They’re all like used car salesman – if their lips are moving, they are lying.

Yesterday was another working day for me. I spent the first part of it making corrections to the 10,000 words I had written the day before, and when it was finished, I wrote another 8,000 words before Miss Terry told me I had to quit playing with my imaginary friends and eat dinner. I guess it goes without saying, you know what I’ll be doing again today.

Somebody asked me if I have any idea when my nerve ablation procedure will be back on the schedule since it was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. I really don’t know, but I’m sure looking forward to it. The last few days have been very painful for me. Not the worst I’ve ever had from my back, but definitely no fun at all.

Meanwhile, Miss Terry is hard at work on another shawl. I can tell she’s excited to be back weaving again after so long away from it. I’m just happy that she’s happy.

I had an interesting email exchange yesterday with a young couple who have just purchased an MCI bus they are going to convert into a motorhome. They asked for my advice on some of the things we did when we converted our bus and showed me a picture of the one that they bought. It was a déjà vu kind of moment because it was a 1976 MCI Model 8, which was the same as ours, and had also been a Gray Line tour bus, just as ours had been. The paint scheme was even exactly the same. That brought some back some memories for sure! If you began reading the blog after our bus days, here is a picture of the old gal. She was as solid as a tank and we loved her.

I answered their questions to the best of my ability and pointed them in the direction of a couple of resources that might help them. It’s been almost 20 years since we began our bus conversion, and I’m sure a lot of things have changed in the way of technology and materials that are available. They promised they would keep in touch and let me know how the project is going. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do.

The other night we were watching something on DIY Network about people building a straw bale house. That’s something Terry and I have talked about many times over the years. But we decided that at this point in our life, we really don’t want to take on a project like that. Building our bus while we were living in it full-time and traveling around the country was a heck of an adventure, and that old bus was a great home to us for over eight years. But as Miss Terry says, after that project, she hung up her toolbelt. We are content here in our cozy house on Florida’s Central Coast.

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Thought For The Day – When things get hot, they expand. So I’m not really fat, I’m just hot.

Nick Russell

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  17 Responses to “Not Holding My Breath”

  1. Nick, we received our stimulus check via direct deposit the first week it was announced. We have made some donations with the monies we received.

  2. Nick,

    Yes, We DID received our stimulus check. It was odd, because, although Social Security is direct deposit, we received a paper check. One check that covered both of us.
    Patience, my Friend, patience!


  3. We received our “stimulus” check almost a month ago, but since our taxes were already paid for 2019, instead of “send[ing] it back to them to help cover our huge tax bill for 2019” — which does little or nothing to stimulate the economy — we decided to hire an out-of-work carpenter to complete our Florida room into an integral part of our mobile home. Our entire stimulus check went to him (plus a few dollars more), and he used it to buy materials from a mom & pop supply business, buy gas for his truck, buy food for himself and his dog, go on two dates with a young lady, plus whatever other businesses he supported in his daily exercise of living life in an uneasy time. We think that our stimulus check was used as intended and had positive effects on so many more people other than just us in our comfortable little shell.

  4. The good news is, if you don’t ever receive your stimulus payment, you’ll effectively get it when you file your 2020 federal income taxes. This is providing you are within the income guidelines. and

    We also haven’t received our payment but we’ll get it then if we never get the deposit.

  5. We have not received our stimulus check either. Like you, we are fortunate and don’t need the money. We were hoping to give much of it to people who are in need.
    However my mother who died in 2018 did receive her check last week!

  6. Come on now, Nick! Terry hasn’t hung up her tool belt!! With as many things as she has done in your home, she is just hiding it underneath her apron!! Lucky you!

  7. Our check showed up very quickly. Not sure why some are having such problems. It’s certainly not because we’re tight with Donald J!
    We decided to splurge and paint our park model with it, so I have a lovely gray home now with a red door.

  8. George Loutzenhiser. Nick not shure what happened to your stimulus check, but we received ours right away and know others that have also. I think it might be prudent to go on their website or a direct phone call to them to find out what happened.

  9. My money came in the week before last via direct deposit.
    I had to go on-line and give then my direct deposit info even when I paid my taxes electronically & I get my Social Security as a direct deposit.

    I do feel sorry for those people on the news who have to win a lottery just to get thru on the phone to FILE for unemployment!

  10. We haven’t received our checks either. Every time we try to use the website we get a different response.

  11. Since I have had to pay in the last two years (small amounts) they didn’t have my deposit info. Their site later updated to allow me to enter the deposit bank info and with me stating the gross income for last year and other things. They then low and behold DID deposit the money to my account. And get this when I did my taxes I first went to their online site and sent them my payment. I had hit in TaxAct that I wanted to do a paper return by mistake. Then backed up and did Efile. I had it deducted from my account as part of the Tax Act E file process. So I paid them twice. But guess what they sent me a check as they actually caught that I paid twice. How strange is that?

  12. Nick, Lynn and I received our stimulus check via direct deposit the first week it was announced. We donated it to the local food banks as we really didn’t need it. We also received out tax refund less than a week after our electronic filing earlier this year. This was the first refund we were due since retiring.

  13. Nick, I hope your check arrives…we wondered if/when ours would come too! We picked it up at the PO on Friday…and it went directly to savings at the bank. Part of me does not REALLY believe at some point that the govt won’t demand it back…but meanwhile we can earn a few pennies interest we figure eh? Our daughter here in town got hers nearly a month ago now…go figure…but her last name is a few up the alphabet from ours…plus I think hers was deposited to her account and ours was not. I find it interesting that you and Terry like watching things like straw bale houses being built…we have been into watching makeover homes, a guy in Canada who built his cabin and other outbuildings from logs he felled on his remote property himself…and of late has been busy clearing a nice spot to raise some veggies and figuring out how to protect from the deer. There is no way now hubby and I will ever get to do any of it…heh, we are “planning ahead” for perhaps our next life to come!! Well, how do we know? Is everyone going to live in a marble palace? A humble cabin by a stream would be more than wonderful to us!! Never hurts to have dreams does it? I sure hope you get help on your back. I have no idea if B12 would help with your back, perhaps it is way too gone now…but that and magnesium can help with nerve issues in general. My hubby’s health was stolen by having taken CIPRO some years back…slow decline to where now we wonder how long he will manage to walk…but he has better days when we remember to do the B12. He is on B12 shots as well as under the tongue (no worry about overdose plus he is not “over” the effects of the nasty drug…) I encourage you to do research what you can online…sometimes other folks have had some help doing some things themselves, via herbs, whatever…though maybe not with injuries.

  14. Good news: we did get our stimulus payment into our bank account. Bad news: the money we paid for 2019 taxes was taken out in March but then again in April. Since no one is working yet I have no way to contact them. Good luck Nick!

  15. Received our $2400 check on April 15th. Hope yours comes soon. Ours came just as the exterminator said we had bed bugs indoors and termites out doors. Took it all.

  16. We finally got it, they said may 1st and it came the next week. But they do direct deposit to our bank with our SS but sent a check for this. Both on one check.

  17. Jack Freed

    We got our check a couple days ago, finally. It covered me and my wife together, the same as on our tax return. If you haven’t filed yet, you might wait a long time to get yours, assuming your income isn’t too high to qualify.

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