Worse By The Day

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Apr 022020

When I went on a rant about the cavalier attitude of so many over the coronavirus a while back, I said I reserved my right to climb back on my soapbox, and here I am again.

The spread of Covid-19 is getting worse by the day, as have the number of casualties. Here in Florida alone we have 7,770 cases and a hundred deaths as of last night.

I don’t know if it’s due to cabin fever or what, but I am seeing more acts of ignorance, too. Yesterday someone I know posted a picture online of her and three friends standing with their arms around each other at a drive-through liquor store with a caption saying they were having a “Corona Party.” This is not an irresponsible kid, but a 60 year old woman who should know better.

Later in the afternoon when I went out to our mailbox I saw four people who looked to be in their 40s walking down the street in front of my house, arms locked together, laughing and singing “We ain’t afraid of no virus!” I wanted to turn the hose on them. Total freaking idiots!

Last week I lost a good friend to the virus, and other friends are in the hospital fighting it. One of them is my cousin Bob Saxton, a decorated Vietnam vet who is in a medically induced coma from it. I am so damn sick of people posting that more people die of the flu or nonsense like that. Others see this and think it’s no big deal and start to ignore social distancing and other protocols we need to be safe. I don’t care to die because of their ignorance. You have a right to your opinion, but I have a right to block any fool who keeps downplaying how serious this is and I have started blocking anyone who posts that crap, whether it be friend or family.

The goods news is that yesterday Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finally issued a 30-day stay-at-home order for the state. The only exceptions are to go to or from work, to get food or medical attention, to care for an elderly or sick family member or friend, or to recreate. Now you just know a lot of fools will interpret “recreate” as getting together to party. Of course, the governor waited until Bike Week and spring break were over and the hundreds of thousands of visitors left. No need to miss out on all those tourist dollars, right?

Sitting home being grumpy isn’t all I’ve been doing. I wrote over 13,000 words in my new John Lee Quarrels book between Monday and Tuesday, and yesterday was spent going over those new chapters and proofreading and correcting errors made in dictation.

On another note, after I posted a picture of Terry’s banana bread the other day, several people asked me for the recipe. If you have her cookbook, Miss Terry’s Kitchen, it’s on page 53. And if you don’t have her cookbook (and why the heck not?) I also posted it on her page here at https://gypsyjournalrv.com/category/miss-terrys-kitchen/

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Thought For The Day – I need to work on controlling the look on my face when I’m talking to stupid people.

Nick Russell

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  12 Responses to “Worse By The Day”

  1. Just heard on the news that Florida’s new restrictions DO allow people to go to church. That will be a disaster.

  2. Nick, Leaving an almost deserted Coconut Point shopping plaza in Estero, Florida, Nina and I watched as six young men of college age entered Total Wine while bunched together. I wonder how the workers inside were protected from these idiots.

  3. There are too many that think they are invincible and then they will be the first crying for help when they get infected. As you’ve said before “Can’t fix Stupid”.
    I’m in total agreement with what some of the European countries are doing to those tat ignore the stay at home orders.

  4. Amen! Our Arizona church is still holding services, plan on having communion on Sunday, our governor’s stay at home order might as well not have been issued it’s so lax. Nail salons can still be open for God’s sake!! Shut the country down!

  5. Just tried the Drawing Link and it keeps going back to last week’s drawing. Sorry Nick.

  6. I guess these people didn’t see the pictures from Italy or Spain or the video from NYC as the hospital uses a fork lift to load a reefer truck with body bags.
    The refer trucks I’ve seen since then have tarps up so you can’t see what they are loading…

    My 4 yo grandson is getting his chemo today, he’s down to every 10 days but this virus would kill him, leaves me scared. Then I read about the people who don’t care… who make a game out of spreading the virus.
    To be honest it pisses me off.

    It looks like there are lot’s of trucks still to be filled over the next month… I wonder how many trucks are needed for 100,000 body bags?
    Wash your hands, stay home, practice social distancing and with some luck my grandson will make it to his 5th birthday. Hell, I might make it to my 68th!

    Hang in there Nick & Terry!

  7. I have updated the Free Drawing page, Richard. Completely forgot it last night. Sorry.

  8. I just don’t understand people who think they’re immune to this epidemic. Apparently it’s going to take someone they know personally to die for them to act responsibly and then it will be too late.

  9. Re going to church or holding corvid19 parties. Sorry to say that the result will be “Darwin principle” will kick in and thin the herd of the ignorant. The real bad part is that there will be collateral damage. Thanks to our Dear leader and his denial of facts the US is now Number one in the world for corvid19 virus deaths. We are headed fast toward 200 – 350,000 dead as we hit 2,500 a day in 5 days. We can’t even bend the curve away from almost straight up as seen in the charts here. http://www.ft.com/coronavirus-latest

  10. We’re seeing just how many stupid people there are in this country. The first case in our county turned up in another small town just to the south of ours. She works at a clinic in a bigger town & I can only hope she didn’t infect too many others. I’ve been staying in as much as I can. I’m old & have a couple other strikes against me and I’m not ready to die just yet. Our area health department cracked down more yesterday so I hope that helps even more. Everything here is covered in a layer of ice today so that should keep people in, if only for a little while.

    On another note, yesterday I ordered the newest Big Lake book for my Kindle. Reading keeps my occupied when I get antsy from staying home, which is funny since I mostly stay home anyway.

  11. Did you get to see the photo of the trail packed with people in Sedona, AZ? It was taken over the weekend. What is wrong with some people!

  12. Most of the Florida churches are closed. Many pastors are offering virtual services, video blogs, and other support to their congregations without bringing them together. Governor Ron Desantis declined to make it illegal to congregate for church, but the Hillsborough County sheriff arrested a local minister for leading his church in a Thursday night worship service.

    It’s one thing to put your faith in God. It’s another to challenge God to take care of you.

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