Two In Two Days

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Apr 072020

When you get to be my age, losing people becomes a part of life. For me, it started early with the murder of my brother Frank when I was just 16, and it wasn’t much longer before Vietnam claimed quite a few of my friends. Both of my parents passed on when I was in my 30s, and the last two of my seven siblings a few years later.

Since then I have continued to lose people I care about, both family and friends, seemingly more with each passing year. On Sunday I received word that my friend Hal Reynolds died from coronavirus complications. He was the second friend I have lost to this terrible disease. Then, last night I got a message that Ray Pitzen, one of my friends from my teenage years died from heart problems. Ray was part of a small group of us who hung out together, five of us who worked on our junker cars, chased girls, and generally got into mischief.

Joe died in a motorcycle crash while he was in the Navy, we lost Dan to cancer a few years ago, and now Ray is gone too. I am glad we made it a point to stop and visit with the fifth Musketeer, Gary Chandler, while we were in Ohio last year. I plan to make that happen again once this virus thing clears up and life gets back to normal.

Ray’s sister Rachel was my on again – off again girlfriend, and some folks thought there would be wedding bells in our future, however that was not to be. But I share her and her two remaining brothers’ grief at his loss.

Meanwhile, my cousin Bob Saxton is in a coma, on a ventilator from the virus, and his wife told me yesterday the doctor wasn’t optimistic about his chances. I know there’s a lot of gloom and doom in this blog post, and I apologize. But right now, I feel pretty gloomy. Please take care of yourselves, folks. Stay isolated and take the precautions that will help all of us stop the spread of the virus and survive. Because I can’t afford to lose anyone else.

Thought For The Day – In the garden of memory, in the palace of dreams… that is where you and I shall meet again. – Lewis Carrol

Nick Russell

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  12 Responses to “Two In Two Days”

  1. I’m so sorry for all your loses Nick. I am now 71 so I have seen some of the same. God bless you and yours.

  2. I haven’t responded before. I heard you at a Life on Wheels rally and have followed you ever since. Anyway, I am so sorry about your losses and thank you for continuing to warn people about keeping themselves and others safe from this virus.

  3. Although I’ve lost no one to it, a close friend had to be tested, it was a great relief when the test results came back negative.

    My condolences to your losses, recent and in the past. Some times, feeling the loss, never goes completely away.

  4. Nick,
    Sorry to hear of your losses. We will keep your cousin in our prayers. Cyberhugs.

  5. So sorry for your losses. It hits us in the midst of other griefs. Stay strong and remember the good times.

  6. Our deepest condolences to all your losses. How it happens never makes it easy.

  7. Praying for you and your friends.

  8. It’s not good days right now…my condolences.

  9. Take heart Nick,
    That is where I seem my mom & dad now. And, oh, it is so glorious to see them. 🙂 I wish you many days of sunshine in your future.

  10. So sorry to here about your loss Nick. Please, both of you stay safe as we are doing the same.
    George & Linda L

  11. So sorry to hear of your recent loses. Sometimes by living a long life you get to see to much. Take care.

  12. I’m so sorry for your losses, and any soon to come. No apologies are necessary for the gloom and doom, because that’s our collective reality right now. You and Miss Terry keep taking care of each other and stay safe.

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