Happy Birthday Destiny

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Apr 182020

As I said in a blog post a couple of days ago, our family has a lot of birthdays in April, and today is my granddaughter Destiny’s. Can you believe this beautiful newborn baby is thirteen today?

Destiny is a very intelligent, very loving young lady who makes us proud all the time. But she is definitely not a girly girl. As you can see from this picture, she loves fishing, snowboarding, and anything else to do with the outdoors. Happy birthday, Destiny. We love you.

With my new book going through the proofing process, now I have to plan my next project. Normally I do a John Lee Quarrels book and then a Big Lake one, and alternate back and forth. But right now I’m torn between another Big Lake book, which I have many, many more to write, or starting my new family saga historical fiction series. That’s what I want to do, and I have a couple of chapters written already. But I’m not sure how well it will be received by my readers since it’s not a mystery, which they have come to expect from me. I’m going to do it, it’s just a question of when.

Several readers have asked if I have any more stories to share from my years publishing small town newspapers. Yes, I certainly do, and I will be posting another one in the next day or two. I’m trying to decide if it will be the one about the man with huge diamonds that were formed when the UFO landed on his property, the guy who lynched his mule (oh wait, that was the same man), the person who wanted me to cover his do-it-yourself sex change, or my encounter with Jaws. And those are just a few I have to share with you!

In talking to people online, it seems like most folks are doing okay with the social isolation thing, and while they are not thrilled to be stuck at home, very few of them seem to be climbing the walls. I see that on Facebook all the time. Maybe the folks that I interact with for the most part are more adult and don’t need to be running around catching and spreading viruses. I like people who don’t spread viruses.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

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Thought For The Day – Another casualty of the Corona virus pandemic: Over the next several months scientists are predicting that over 80% of the world’s blondes will disappear.

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  9 Responses to “Happy Birthday Destiny”

  1. Nick, I’m a huge fan of your Big Lake books, but I wouldn’t mind your taking a break from the rotation and writing the family saga that’s rumbling around in your brain. And addressing whether or not your mystery fans will be disappointed….we like good writing….mystery or not and you are a damn good writer. So as far as I’m concern let’s see what you got without a murder. Bobbie Chapman

  2. I say go for the new series Nick. I’m a big fan you your writing and also history so I will stay with you. Git ‘er done brother.

  3. Did you get a lot of e-mails for Destiny’s birthday like you had asked a couple of weeks back? If so, was she surprised?

  4. I know you have spoken more than once about your career as a newspaper man, learning to write to pay the bills. But sometimes I think there is a need to write because a story wants to be written whether or not you know there is a large audience waiting to welcome it with 5 stars. Write it for your own spirit and those of your family and let the rest of the world get in line. Or not. Your world will still be whole. And for many individuals there is room in the world for more than one genre of writing.

  5. I am one, because I am going from blond to white.

  6. Ever since you mentioned a “generational saga” I’ve been panting in anticipation. I have read every one of your books. Started with the How-to RVing books, Gypsy Journal, for years then the great mysteries. I would read the ingredients and instructions on cleaning products – if you wrote them. Follow your heart, accept your challenge but don’t stop writing.

  7. I’ll read anything you write. I enjoy your skill with words. The compulsion to write is strong and should not be ignored. There should be no should in what you write. 🙂

  8. Personally, I love family saga historical fiction. Go for it! I’m sure you’ll write a wonderful story.

  9. I vote for family saga.

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