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How are you handling being self-quarantined? I assume you are all self-quarantined, unless you have a job that requires you be out and about, or you have to go to a medical appointment or to get groceries. There is no excuse for it otherwise.

As for us, we are doing just fine. I keep hearing from people who are bored and have cabin fever and are climbing the walls, but not us. Around here’s it’s business as usual.

Yesterday I wrote another 7,500 words in my new John Lee Quarrels book, as well as making corrections to chapters I had written before. It’s moving right along, and I’m making up for time we lost last week when we had medical appointments four out of five days. We have cancelled all other upcoming appointments and now we don’t have to leave the house for the next month or so except for food, if we need it. But our larder is pretty well stocked so even that may not even be necessary.

And speaking of food, I could never go hungry here! Yesterday Miss Terry made this delicious loaf of banana bread. I’ll tell you right now, there’s not many things in the world that taste as good as a warm slice of Terry’s banana bread and a cold glass of milk!

Well, except maybe her pizzas. For dinner she made pizza from scratch, like she does everything else. I’m curious as to how this works once the quarantine is over. Does My 600 Pound Life call me directly or do I wait for an email from them or what?

Of course, some of us to have to be out and about, and one of them is our wonderful daughter-in-law Geli. She is the Clinical Director at a hospital in Birmingham Alabama, and as I said before, she’s been using the same face mask over and over. She got fitted for a hood and visor the other day, which will give her some extra margin of protection. It kind of looks like a spacesuit, doesn’t it? Be safe, Geli. We know you are putting your life on the line every day, as are your coworkers, to take care of others. All of you are true heroes and we love you.

I have heard from parents who say they are climbing the walls with kids home from school. My daughter Tiffany is not climbing any walls, but this picture makes me think her kids may be turning into monkeys. What do you think?

And speaking of Tiffany and her kids, she posted this on Facebook about my beautiful granddaughter Destiny and I hope all of you will do me a quick personal favor and take part. It will only take you a minute or two, and you will help brighten a young lady’s special day: Friends and family, I’m asking for your help! All of us know the current situation across the country. What many of you don’t know is this beauty turns 13 in a few days, which is a pretty special birthday. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said, “I want Corona to go away.” I have set up an email account that I plan to give her on her birthday, which is the 18th of April. So please, if you have time, please send this girl a happy birthday to brighten her day in such a scary time. PS she loves sunflowers and potatoes. Strange, I know. Also, I will be screening the emails so please, keep it appropriate. The e-mail Tiffany set up for this is

Stay home and stay safe folks. The sooner we all do, the sooner this thing ends.

Thought For The Day – I know I make a lot of typos when I text, but in my defense, I do have to look at the road sometimes.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  8 Responses to “Life Under Self-Quarantine”

  1. Not only is this Self Isolation helping to flatten the curve of the Corona Virus but the Global Pollution is going down.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your business as usual.

    It’s about time.

  2. Good for your daughter Tiffany–screening emails, setting up email accounts for her thirteen year old–she’s a GREAT mom! Business as usual around here, cooking, working on house projects (there are many) and taking an occasional drive as we did yesterday–no people contact.

  3. Seeing how folks are keeping entertained has been entertaining – thanks for sharing. The banana bread and pizza look fabulous, as always. Do you have a to-go window? 🙂

    Seriously, is the banana bread recipe shareable? I checked MIss Terry’s cookbook but I didn’t see that recipe in there.

    Thanks and stay safe!

  4. Lu,
    The recipe is on page 53 of the cookbook.

  5. Nick, please ask Miss T if she would post the Banana Nut Bread recipe. It looks delicious and I’d love to try it. Thank you.

  6. Nick – Thanks – I looked in the wrong section. My goof. I see a banana bread in our future!

  7. For anyone wanting the banana bread recipe who does not have a copy of Terry’s cookbook, I posted it on her page here at

  8. I live in the LA area where the traffic is pretty light and the air quality is much better than usual. I just sold my house and am preparing to move to Eugene OR soon. I will live in an apartment near my daughter and son-in-law who are a big help.

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