Mar 132020

I have heard from quite a few people about the coronavirus and how they are reacting to it. It seems like some people are ignoring it completely, thinking it’s just the media crying wolf again, while other people without any symptoms are self-quarantining themselves in their RVs or homes and avoiding the public as much as possible. Others seem to be taking reasonable precautions like washing their hands, using a disinfectant, and things like that, but are not saying the sky is falling. How about you? Are you taking precautions? If so, what are you doing?

No matter what your politics are and no matter who you want to blame, or excuse, for the growth of this disease, there’s no question that there seems to be as many opinions as there are people. And so are the ways folks are reacting to it. I heard from someone yesterday who is in Verde Valley in north-central Arizona who says they have not left their motorhome in over a week already, with no plans to leave until absolutely necessary. He’s concerned because they have one more week on their stay before they have to leave the campground they are in, and he doesn’t know where they’re going to go or what they’re going to do. I know someone else who canceled a planned cruise to Alaska because of fears of what might happen.

Then there are some who seem to be delighted by what is going on for some twisted logic. A doomsday prepper I know seems absolutely giddy at the prospect of a widespread pandemic that would wipe out millions of people because it will prove he was right all along and the end of life as we know it is coming.

I also talked to a regular blog reader who is down here from Pennsylvania for Bike Week. He had suggested we get together while he and his wife were in town, but he canceled, saying they don’t want to take a chance of going out any more than they have to. Really? You’re down here for Bike Week among thousands and thousands of bikers from all over the country, even all around the world, and you’re afraid to go someplace for dinner? No problem, my friend, we’ll catch you next time around.

And, of course, we’ve all heard about shortages of toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, and other things like that all over the country. Terry and I were at Walmart Wednesday and there were a few empty shelves in that department, but nothing dramatic. I told Terry that one good thing about having bidets on both of our toilets is that we don’t have to worry about toilet paper nearly as much as some people.

But we seem to be fortunate, at least so far. Last night my daughter Tiffany called from a Walmart near her in northern Arizona and showed us shelves completely empty of flour, sugar, crackers, canned goods, bread, and milk as people buy everything in sight and horde it. We see the same nonsense here whenever they say a hurricane may come ashore.

Now, me being the twisted individual I am, I have discovered a way to get a giggle or two out of what really is no laughing matter, courtesy of something I saw on Facebook. Miss Terry and I were in a store the other day and a fellow shopper seemed to be hovering over me. Everywhere I turned, I bumped into the guy or he bumped into me. I’m sure it was all perfectly innocent, but still, a man needs his personal space, right? So I coughed loudly into my elbow and said, regretfully, “Damn, I wish I hadn’t taken that cruise to China.” Not only did that gentleman disappear, but so did two other shoppers who overheard me.

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Thought For The Day – Remember when you said to yourself, “Well, at least it can’t get any weirder,” and then you woke up today and it was?

Nick Russell

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  5 Responses to “Are You Taking Precautions?”

  1. I taught Biology in college for a career. So I have researched this corona virus. So far this virus called CoVid 19 by WHO and classified by the Committee responsible for naming viruses as SARS CoV-2 is primarily killing older health compromised people. That’s right this virus has 70-80% of the same RNA (genetic material) as the original SARS. HOWEVER, it is a much milder form. It is looking more like the regular flu rather than a fearful killer disease. Death rate down to 1% and will probably go lower.
    All we are doing to being more careful than usual. I am making sure I use sanitizer on grocery carts and clean my hands and steering wheel when I get back in the car. Stay away from sick people (we normally do that anyway). Eat right, get plenty of sleep, enjoy life.
    The REAL problem is that most of our prescription meds are made in China. I just got my 90 day supply yesterday. But I have heard on my FB page that several people are having some problems with getting their prescriptions refilled.
    I personally think this is being blown all out of proportion. People are being hyped to panic as to this virus. Regular flu has already killed between 14,000-36,000 people so far this flu season. Car accidents kill 102 people A DAY in the US. No one gets hysterical about that.
    Personally we are enjoying each day. Laughter is much better medicine than worry.

  2. It’s craziness. Good grief, they closed Disneyland and have shut down Spring Training. I’m sure the flu will still be around when they open everything back up. Next time I’m fighting over the last of something, I’m using your coughing trick!! LOL

  3. It’s real enough. I’m in Mason county WA a fair distance from the big WA outbreak but I heard the virus arrived in town yesterday. The number of infected does looks to double every 6 days
    I’m old enough to be on downward side of the charts and we are (by chance) in a real good spot to sit for awhile so we are going to sit. Through the first wave at least…
    Washing hands & not going where the people are for a few months seems prudent.

    My grandson got leukemia the day before we were going to leave after Christmas so we stayed around to help out. He’s doing well but is still at the stage where the chemo has knocked down his immune system, the new plan was once he got to the point where he could resume a semi-normal existence we were going to go to Washington DC because I really want a chance to look at all the of the Smithsonian museums.
    This would have been a poor time to be a tourist in DC, be a poor time to be on a curse ship too. Heck it’s a poor time to be a tourist anywhere on this globe!

    Hunker down, basic precautions (hand washing, 20 seconds!) and learning to NOT touch my face is going to have to be enough for now.

    Think about the bill for those people, sick or not sick, stuck on the cruse ship and then (at best) weeks of Federal Quarantine somewhere! The government doesn’t give anything away, someone will get a bill for all of this…

  4. There was a woman that was interviewed that had the virus and she couldn’t understand why all the run for toilet paper it makes no sense
    I was in BJs yesterday And they was a mad rush to buy water. BJ’s was only limiting two cases per card
    DON,T some of these people realize they have tap water and there’s no hurricane in sight
    Forget about the hand sanitizers and Clorox wipes rubbing alcohol they are not existing
    I wonder if we can use 151 rum as a hand sanitizer and gargle. but the trouble is we might swallow (You never know where that pesky virus is lurking)
    But if it’s any consolation ,, BJ’s is selling gas for $1.97 now

  5. I knew I could come here for some common sense. Seems like everybody is one extreme or the other. With school cancelled here for the next two weeks I’m hoping to finish my next book. Hopefully for us people will do a lot of reading in the coming weeks. Always a bright side.

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