Wrapping Up Details

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Jan 292020

I want to start off today’s blog by saying a big thank you to so many people who already purchased Big Lake Quarterback, shared links to the book with your friends on social media, and sent me messages telling me they already purchased the book and are reading it. Yesterday afternoon, 24 hours after it went live, the book was rated at #2,057 in Amazon’s Paid in Store and #126 in Mystery/Police Procedurals. And it already has its first five-star review! How cool is that?

Someone asked me what my next book project would be. The next one will be The Road To Wrinkle Ranch, the 8th book in my John Lee Quarrels series. I will try to get some work done on it while we are traveling, but I don’t know how much time I will have. In the meantime, just for something to do, I have written the first two chapters of the family saga I have been toying with. Terry and my friend and part-time proofreader Roberta Jensen both seem to like it. I guess that’s a good thing, right?

With the book published, yesterday was a day of wrapping up details before our trip to Arizona. The first order of business was for Terry to get a flu shot. The nurse told her she might get some mild flu-like symptoms as a reaction to the shot in the next couple of days. Gee, just about the time we’re going to be hitting the road!

Then I touched base with our house sitter to confirm the schedule, arranged for the post office to hold our mail, picked up some last-minute items at the grocery store, and started going over our lists of things to pack and things we need to get done before we leave.

We normally stay at Hampton Inns when we’re traveling, or something comparable, but we have been thinking about trying an Airbnb. Monday evening I logged onto their website and found a very nice park model trailer in an RV resort about six miles from Terry’s folks and the price was excellent. After talking it over, I went ahead tried to reserve it, thinking it would be nice to have our own little space with a kitchen and things like that. We were kind of excited about it, but then yesterday morning I got a response back from the host saying that it had already been rented for the time period we would be in town. Oh well, we tried.

Quite a few people have asked us if we regret not having an RV when we are planning a big trip like this, especially considering the cost of hotels. Not really. My accountant writes off a lot of our travel expenses because we are always doing research, touching base with other writers to talk about projects, and visiting bookstores and libraries to drop off sample copies of my books. I have broken the cost down two or three times now, and when you figure that we can travel faster in Terry’s Chrysler Pacifica, which gets around 30 miles per gallon on the highway as opposed to the seven miles per gallon we did in our Winnebago diesel pusher, include the cost of RV sites, and then factor in the payments and maintenance on an RV that we would only use once or twice a year at most, it’s still cheaper to do things the way we are doing them now. Living the RV lifestyle fulltime, or even as a snowbird, can be affordable, but at this point in our lives, we just would not spend enough time in one to justify the expense.

Thought For The Day – My ducks are absolutely not in a row. At this point I have no idea where my ducks even are.

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  1. Your ducks are here in HELENA Mt enjoying canyon ferry lake. We will keep an eye on them for y’all be safe and enjoy your trip

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