Dec 142019

I woke up Friday morning to more messages from readers that they were getting the same damn Adobe Flash and Google Play popups when they tried to access the blog. I expected it, but had foolishly hoped the dweebs at Go Daddy would have actually done something for a change.

Once again I called Go Daddy, I actually have them on speed dial at this point, and had to work my way through a couple of their lower echelon people to finally got hooked up with their security service. After going over the same old ground yet again, they said they realized there was some kind of malware causing the popups. Gee, really?

And for $196 they sold me a package that was guaranteed to fix the problem once and for all and prevent it from ever happening again. Kind of like the $140 I spent for the same thing back in July. I asked them to explain the difference, but they didn’t have an answer for me.

So, out of desperation I bit the bullet and gave them the money. They promised me by the end of the day there would be no more pop-ups showing. Yeah, we know how that works, don’t we? Nothing changed.

I had not been feeling well anyhow, and the stress of dealing with this was really kicking my butt. My head has been pounding for days now, my guts are one massive knot and I just could not deal with it for a moment longer. I told Miss Terry I needed to step away from the whole mess for a while. And that’s just what I did.

I turned off my computer, parked myself in my recliner, and watched TV and vegged out for most of the day, hoping to get to feeling better. Sometime later in the evening I finally began to feel a little more normal, or whatever passes for normal in my case. And, this morning we still have the popups. Oh yes, I recognize that old familiar churning beginning in my stomach already today!

I’ll keep pushing it folks. I know it’s frustrating for you, and believe me, it’s even more frustrating for me. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience. All I can say is that if you get the popup, please keep trying. But I would not blame you if you just give up, either.

In other news we got the phone call yesterday afternoon that Terry has to check in at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville this coming Monday, the 16th, at noon for the surgery for her permanent Medtronic’s implant. Since it will be at least a 3 to 4 hour long procedure, by the time it is over it will be late in the day and we won’t be able to get home before dark. My night vision is not very good and Terry usually drives after dark, so we will have to spend the night there and come home Tuesday.

She’s really looking forward to getting this behind her and seeing some permanent results. Me, I just want her to be better.

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Thought For The Day – The only thing more shocking than finding water on planet Mars would be finding me at Planet Fitness.

Nick Russell

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  27 Responses to “Sometimes You Just Have To Step Away”

  1. No popup this time. It went straight to your blog when I clicked on the link.

    Hope you get to feeling better soonest!!!!

  2. So sorry you’re not feeling well, Nick. Please don’t give up on your blog…….. lots of us depending on it for our morning “feel better”. I had no pop-up today, btw. Best wishes and prayers for Terry’s surgery.

  3. No Pop Pop up this morning on phone app.

  4. No pop up this morning!

    Hugs to you both.

  5. No popup yesterday ir today!!!!

  6. No popups today. Hope you feel better soon and glad Ms Terry can get some much needed relief. She will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery. Merry Christmas from a very big fan.

  7. FYI, not pop ups today

  8. No pop ups this morning. More importantly hope all goes well for Terry.

  9. Usually read on my iPad and no pop-ups. Appreciate all you do. Kathy

  10. Did not get the pop up today when I accessed your blog. So Go Daddy places malware on peoples blogs then charges them a fortune to stop it. what a racket!
    Hope you and Miss Terry get to feeling better soon!

  11. Personally…I would just move the blog someplace with better customer service. and many other hosts actually know what they are doing. Even square space is probably an improvement.

  12. At the beginning of the week I was getting Safari Required too many redirects And your page would not open
    if what you have done has not solve the problem this last time. why not remove all the ads in your blog page for a week if the problem still persists you have a basis as to where to go. The blog site or the ad sites
    And then start putting them back one or two at a time and see if the issue comes back. bingo.
    you might find the culprit there even so you do generate a lot of hits I would think if somebody is trying to place malware it would be better with the advertiser where they cover a lot of Other bloggers that use a particular infected Add
    That’s my two cents
    Now would you please turn the damn rain And crappy weather off you’re ruining my beach an Kite flying days

  13. GoDaddy is known as one of the worst places to have your account. Has been for years and the tech community has known it for years. The company tech support people warned me long ago to not darken their door They only care about selling you more products you don’t need. It’s all about the upsell. There are many other web hosting sites you can move your blog to that actually have customer service. While not painless, what your going through is worse.

  14. No popup today. Went straight to your blog..Take care of both of you.

  15. For what it’s worth, I’ve not seen any pop ups (Firefox on an iPad.) I hope you both feel better soon. ?

  16. no pop ups today either

  17. George T Keefe

    Saturday morning, no popup today didn’t even need to stop the loading by clicking the X button to stop the loading

  18. All of the above.

  19. My visit to your site was normal today! Like everyone else !!
    I hope you feel better today.

  20. No popups, redirects, or any other messages yesterday or today. Please feel better and much success for Terry’s procedure. Miss you and Merry Christmas.

  21. no pop ups! And if there was id just keep trying 🙂 Hope you feel better and tell Terry good luck Monday!

  22. Saturday no pop ups! And if there was id just keep trying 🙂 Hope you feel better and tell Terry good luck Monday!

  23. No pop up today.?.

    Thoughts and prayers for both Terry and you.8

  24. Re the Go Daddy thang… reminds me of Boeing selling “fixes” to the airlines so their Max Aircraft don’t crash. True. Good luck at Mayo on Monday. Been thinking of you both.

  25. I’ve never had a problem with popups on your blog. I use Chrome browser on a Windows 10 machine with the pre-installed Microsoft anti-virus and run Malwarebytes every now and then. Sounds like the whole thing might be just another income stream for GoDaddy.

    Hope Miss Terry’s surgery goes well and she gets lasting relief from the implant.

  26. Well as my heart Dr. said your mind can make you sick and your mind can make you well. It is our choice! This week the iPhone died and replacement doesn’t work well! My primary credit card was hacked an had to be replaced! Don’t even get me started on stupidity with FB! I now have three different pages!! I’m in bed watching Hallmark with the cat! Good luck to Miss Terry and you chill in the recliner!

  27. Pop up free today. Actually it was pop up free for me starting last night.

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