Let’s Try This Again

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Dec 112019

As many of you know, we have been fighting with blog issues for weeks now. Sometimes it takes me four, or five, or six more times to get the blog to post, if at all. And when it does post, sometimes readers can’t get to it. Occasionally if they are using something like Microsoft Edge or Safari and they switch to Google Chrome or some other browser they can get to the blog. Other times they can’t. Sometimes if they clear their cache, they can get to it. Other times they can’t.

When people tried to access the blog the last couple of days, they got a pop-up saying they needed to download Adobe Flash. I got that message, Terry got that message, Greg White got that message, and over a hundred other blog readers got it. And those are just the ones who told me about it. A couple of people clicked the link (NEVER click a pop-up link!) and their antivirus software kicked in and told them it was a dangerous site. I called Go Daddy and I reported it to Go Daddy online, and after telling me it must be something I was doing wrong (as were all of those other people, I assume) I badgered them until they finally said they would look into it. So here we go. Let’s try again. Please do me a favor and leave a blog comment or send me an email or Facebook message and let me know if you have any problems with today’s blog.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s play catch up. After Terry’s temporary implant on the 2nd she felt immediate relief from the constant pain she has been in and we were elated. Unfortunately, after a couple of days she had a setback and things went back to how they had been. We were dejected. Then they turned around a bit and now she has good days and bad days. But since they did the trial implant, her good days seem to be increasing. We went back to Mayo Monday for her one week evaluation, and based upon what they saw there they gave the go ahead for the permanent implant, which will be next Monday, the 16th.

They tell us it will be about a three-hour procedure, give or take, and she will be sedated for it. They also said that over time the implant will continue to decrease her symptoms and improve her quality of life. We are so looking forward to that.

As for me, my back is still hurting quite a bit. I received a series of four injections in my SI joints at the hospital in DeLand yesterday afternoon, and I’m hoping they will do me some good. The first time I had them they worked for several months, and while I wasn’t completely out of pain, it was quite minimized. The headaches and neck pain are about the same and we will be addressing that next week This getting old crap is not all fun and games.

But enough with the dreary pain report, let’s talk about something fun, like the Civil War. After my blog about the signing of the peace treaty that ended that terrible conflict at Appomattox Court House in Virginia a few days ago, my friend Jim O’Briant, CEO and Administrator at www.OvernightRVParking.com sent me an interesting link from History.com about Wilmer McLean, in whose house the surrender was signed. McLean had previously lived outside Manassas, Virginia, along a creek known as Bull Run. It became the site of the first major battle of the Civil War. After a second battle took place on his property, McLean packed up his family and moved inland to a nice, quiet place, where they would be safe from the war ever bothering them again. And of course, the place he chose was Appomattox Court House. After the war was over, he would tell people that the war began in his front yard and ended in his parlor. You can read all about it at this link.

We have a few days to kill before we go back to Mayo, and I hope to spend it writing. My new Big Lake book, which I had planned to bring out this month, is way behind schedule. What’s that old saying, Man plans and God laughs? I’m sure my planning skills have given him more than a few chuckles over the years.

Thought For The Day – Fine. I’ll rush you to the hospital, but then we’re doing what I want.

Nick Russell

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  1. I get your blog via RSS feed to Feedly. It comes in fine. My friend who used GoDaddy gave up on them years ago. My Dave says what he uses is not good for what you do. I hope you find something that works reliably for you.

    While I’m wishing, I wish you both a pain free life.

  2. Your 12/11/19 blog loaded normally and was interesting as always. We too received the Adobe popups but closed them immediately. Happy Holidays.

  3. I got the Adobe Flash popup today (12/11) when I loaded your blog through Feedly using Google Chrome. I rebooted my computer thinking the popup may have been triggered by something left over from having downloaded an Adobe Flash update a few days ago in the normal fashion. After rebooting, your blog loaded normally. Then I read about the popup being part of your problems with GoDaddy. This is the first time this happened to me.

    I then loaded your blog through Feedly using Firefox, and I again got the popup. Firefox gave me a warning that it stopped an unnamed social network from tracking me.

  4. I still got the Adobe Flash pop up again today.
    After 3 or 4 tries I was able to access the blog

  5. I have been getting the Adobe Flash popup the last few days including today.

  6. Nick on the iPad the message was “too many redirects”. I deleted the icon and reinstalled after removing the data at about 8 pm yesterday.

  7. Today is the first time I got the Adobe Flash popup. I of course closed it immediately and finally was able to read your blog that came to me via e-mail. I’m still on AOL… very old fashioned, but so am I at age 84! Just want to tell you how much I enjoy everything you write! Love Big Lake books, read your blog EVERY day, really miss Bad Nick! Thanks for all the reading enjoyment!

  8. No popups for me on Safari. Have you considered changing to NameHero? They are very highly rated as a host.

  9. I opened your blog in Firefox. Before I could read anything, the display reverted to a Adobe Flash screen, even though the URL in the menu bar was still your site. I reopened your site again, same result. Then I opened it in a “private” Firefox window, same result. After refreshing the window several times, your site stay on the screen.

    What a very interesting angle on Wilmer McLean’s story. Quite a few years ago, when I was in Lynchburg on business, my wife and I took the opportunity to visit Appomattox. That long was before I became somewhat obsessed with the civil war from the points of view of participants. Years later, I “blogged” my way through the sesquicentennial using diary entries and news articles for each and every day. I had never heard McLean’s story or, if I did, I had forgotten it, so thanks so much for sharing the link to it.

  10. I did get the popup for adobe but after clicking on your blog 4 times it finally went away. I noticed also on Greg Whites blog that I can access it some days. got the same thing with your blog over the last week or two.

  11. First try I got the message that your site was not available. I closed out of that message and immediately clicked on you site again, got on okay.

  12. Hi Nick
    Yes that same Flash player pops up every time I try to log into your blog, it took three times trying before I got id of it this A.M.. It has been ongoing

  13. I have gotten this Adobe popup for the last several days on your blog. What I have found is that if I run my Super Anti Spyware (which I downloaded on Greg Whites’ suggestion a few years ago) on Quick Scan, that it goes away for the session. It will return tomorrow if GoDaddy does not fix the problem.

  14. I get a Google play store popup wanting me to install some thing. But it isn’t a real play store popup.. I get this on two different Android phones.

  15. I suspect it is in one of your ads. The pop up doesn’t happen when the text loads but when the adds start loading.

  16. I still got the Adobe Flash pop up again today.
    After 3 or 4 tries I was able to access the blog.
    I use Firefox.

  17. I use firefox. I got your popup the last few days. But after a few tries I accessed your blog.

  18. I get your blog thru Feedly, I think it is the Google RSS feed? No Adobe ads but I get them on other sites. Blog loads fine every time.

  19. I still got the Adobe Flash pop up again today.
    After 3 or 4 tries I was able to access the blog

  20. Yesterday was ok..today I got the Adobe message but was finally able to get past it. I’m using Firefox on a HP computer..haven’t tried it on my phone.

  21. No issues accessing your page. I have never had an issue! I DO see that annoying “Update your Adobe” message with annoying regularity at other times, though …
    But I have a Macbook Pro and have very little issue with viruses, etc.

  22. No problems with the blog on my end

  23. I got the Adobe popup 4 or 5 times before I got to your site.

  24. I got a pop-up that wanted me to install some kind of “Google play ” security today. I was able to open the blog after doing a restart on my android tablet. During the previous few days, I have been getting one of those “there is a problem, try clearing your cookies” screens. Usually I was able to open the blog by waiting till later in theday.

    We have also been dealing with chronic pain issues. What we have learned is that the solution is often a patchwork of interventions. The the problem is never 100% cured, but it is reasonable to expect a good quality of life. This has been true for both of us experiencing different kinds of pain.

    You are in our thoughts.

  25. We wish you both success at pain-free living. Once Miss Terry’s surgery proves its worth maybe that would be something for you to consider.
    The Adobe Flashdrive Pop-up kept blocking your Blog. I used the Reload button to get by it.
    Go Daddy is simply lacking in Customer Service but still wanting you to pay for their non-existent Service.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer weather.

    It’s about time.

  26. Hey Nick
    Although I have several browsers on my lap top, Opera is my favorite. That being said, I have had the same “Adobe Flash redirect” issue–not only with Gypsy Journal–but one or two other sites as well. Perhaps this is an issue, not just with GJ, but across the ‘net as well. Pass this nugget on to Greg; perhaps it will provide him a clue.

  27. Clicked on just today’s blog & got the popup, tried it with the chrome incognito window and got the popup. Next I tried your heading (I get all the blogs in order) and that worked.
    I had to click on today’s blog from there to get to the remarks section so I can add to what everyone else is saying.

    I liked the “started in my backyard & ended in my parlor” remark. I met a guy who left Austria in the 30’s (saw what was coming) and went to the Philippine Islands.

  28. Nick yes it is still trying to re-direct to that bogus site It took me 4 tries to finally get to your blog . I use Google chrome

  29. I read your blog most often on my Android phone and have gotten the Google Play popup the last few days, today included.

  30. David Bushouse

  31. I use Chrome. Today I again had the Flash popup. I closed the tab and tried twice more. Then I opened three more tabs without closing the others. The third tab allowed me to read the blog.

  32. I tried to get in 3 times before I finally could. That pop up kept popping up and there seems to be now way to get out of it except go back ward and try to get into the blog again.

  33. Firefox on my Windows 7 laptop kept giving me the Adobe screen today until just now (3:45pm EST), Finally got to read today’s blog.

    Good luck with the pain management!

  34. Based on the above feedback, it would appear that the issue does not seem to be browser specific and therefore not an end user problem. My first thought would be that the WordPress (WP) install on the server has somehow become corrupted. Perhaps Greg can figure a way to do a clean reinstall of the WP with out deleting the database.

  35. Got this pop up needed to download Adobe Flash. I got that message, Hope you get it fixed.

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