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Nov 062019

I have received quite a few questions about our trip to Ohio and thought I’d answer a few of them in today’s blog.

Q. Why did you wait until it got cold up north to go up there instead of making the trip earlier in the year when it was so hot in Florida?
A. That was the original plan, but the biopsies on the arteries in both of my temples and waiting for the results, along with other medical issues and doctor appointments, as well as my kids coming to visit in early October kept pushing the trip back and rearranging our schedule.

Q. How did you like traveling there by car and staying in hotels as opposed to doing it in an RV? Doesn’t staying in hotels cost a fortune these days?
A. Each method of traveling has its advantages and disadvantages. We took some back roads on this trip in Terry’s Pacifica that we would have never considered in the RV and saw some places we always wanted to visit but didn’t want to attempt in a 40 foot motorhome towing an SUV behind us. Yes, in an RV we would have had our own bathroom and our own bed to sleep in, but to us, doing it this way is just fine. And the 25+ miles per gallon the Pacifica gets is a lot better than the 7 mpg we got in our Winnebago. That along with campground costs, offsets the costs of hotels. Besides, this is a research trip and is tax deductible.

Q. Does this trip make you miss the fulltime RV lifestyle and all the traveling you guys did for so many years?
A. After 18 plus years of fulltiming, traveling is nothing new to us. We’re just doing it a different way these days. But do we miss RVing? Not really. We loved it while we were doing it, but we don’t regret hanging up the keys when we did.

Q. What can you tell me about this new book series you are planning? Will it replace the Big Lake or John Lee Quarrels series? I hope not. Also, when will the new series be out?
A. No, I have a lot more books to write about Big Lake and John Lee; I have no plans to end either series. As for the new one, it will be a family saga set in Toledo starting in the early 1900s and going through the Vietnam War. As to when the first book will be out, I have no idea because it is taking a lot of research. I hope (and don’t hold me to this) the first book in the new series will be out sometime in the first few months of next year.

Q. It seems like you were disappointed in what you saw of your old stomping grounds. Do you feel at all homesick for Toledo?
A. There is a sense of nostalgia and a longing for the good old days, but even as a teenager I knew I would never spend my life in Toledo. There is a great big old world outside the city limits, and I wanted to see it. I have been fortunate to have done so.

Q. I know you use medical marijuana for your back pain. Is it legal to take it with you when you travel out of state?
A. I use medical marijuana oil, not the smokable kind. The way my research interpreted the law before our trip, it would have been illegal to take it with us since it is illegal in some of the states we are traveling through, so I left it at home. And after being away for over a week, I can definitely tell the difference. The last few days my back has really been giving me a lot of pain.

Q. As a follow up to my question, what about a handgun? I know you have a CCW and carry almost all the time. How do you handle the legalities of that?
A. I have both Florida and Arizona concealed carry permits, and between them I am legal in every state we have been in and will be traveling through.

Q. You have told us about your time in Toledo, but what about the trip up? I’d be interested in hearing what routes you took and what you saw along the way.
A. I will try to cover that in blog posts starting tomorrow, if time and internet availability allow.

Q. I read where you looked up your old friend Gary, but I seem to recall you have some family up in that area. Have you had time to visit any of them?
A. We had brief visits with some of my cousins in Ohio, but between their work schedules and our own schedule for doing research, there wasn’t as much time as we would have liked.

Q. How long will you be in Ohio? I am in Bowling Green and would love to drive up and buy you and Miss Terry lunch or dinner.
A. I’m sorry, but we actually left yesterday to begin our trip home.

Thought For The Day – We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

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