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Nov 122019

Sorry, no blog today. We spent Sunday night in Jacksonville, Florida and yesterday Terry had a consult at Mayo to decide on a course of action to treat the internal scarring she has from the massive radiation treatment she received for cancer almost 20 years ago. She had radiation every day for 60 days and it basically cooked her internal organs. It saved her life, but her doctor told her then that down the road she might very well have problems, and he was right. For several years now she has been dealing with it, and the folks at Mayo seem optimistic.

We left Jacksonville and got home about 7 p.m. worn out and looking forward to sleeping in our own bed after over two weeks in hotels. But we are only home for two nights and have to be back at Mayo Wednesday for three days of testing. Then we go back again next week to discuss results of all the tests and to determine a course of treatment.

Thought For The Day – Some girls don’t like to walk in the rain because it puts their face back to the original factory setting.

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  1. Best of luck Terry

  2. Prayers for you both and for Terry’s medical team that they find a way to help her.

  3. Prayers are with you

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