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Nov 222019

Several readers have asked why we were at the Mayo hospital in Jacksonville and have asked about our well-being. We appreciate your concern. We were there for several days of testing and procedures to determine the extent of Terry’s internal damage from the intense radiation she received during her cancer treatment in 2000. It was hard on Terry, but it was worth it because they have come up with some ideas that they think will help her.

One thing will be physical therapy and the other will be to implant a device in her back that will help control the nerves and hopefully alleviate much of the pain she has been in for so long. At our appointment on Tuesday they thought the soonest they could get the implant done would be in early January, but they called yesterday morning and said it is now scheduled for December 2. To our way of feeling, the sooner the better.

We had to shuffle some appointments around to make everything fit, but we got it done. It looks like for the next couple of weeks we will be running back and forth between here and Mayo for pre-op appointments. Terry had been planning on cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, but since we have to be at Mayo at 7 AM the day after, we plan to go up to Jacksonville on Thanksgiving Day and check into a hotel. I told Terry it looks like the turkey will have to be postponed and we will have take-out pizza instead. Or maybe we will find a Chinese place. That works, too. We are not big on holiday traditions anyway.

All of this means it is very unlikely that my new Big Lake book will be out for Christmas as I had planned. That’s why I try very hard to avoid giving a publication date for a new book. Every time I do, something gets in the way to throw me off schedule. Hang in there folks, I will get it done and out as soon as possible.

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Thought For The Day – Trying to please everybody is impossible. If you did that, you’d end up in the middle with nobody liking you. You’ve just got to make the decision about what you think is best for you and do it.

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  9 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. As much as your loyal fans look forward to your new books, we care more for you and Miss Terry and your wellbeing. Hoping for relief and healing for her. We will be here whenever the next book is ready. Sending much love.

  2. Nick just a suggestion, 10 miles west of the Mayo clinic, off of I-95 is a Cracker Barrel. Turkey dinner starting at 11:00 am till closing 12.99 ea (includes pie) Thanksgiving Day.

  3. While I admit to waiting greedily for your next Big Lake book (LOVE the series!), Miss Terry’s health is your (and our!) prime concern. Please tell her we are praying for her. From another “ex-rver”, retired to Florida permanently.

  4. If you want turkey dinner I’m sure cracker barrel will have all the fixings you need
    And no slaveing are messy pots and pans in the kitchen at least not yours
    Do you only drawback is you don’t get to take the leftovers home

  5. That’s great news. Glad Terry is going to get help. Especially getting the appointment move up so soon. She is such a trooper. Hoping this works for her. Sending good thoughts for her. You to Nick…?

  6. So happy that they have come up with some solutions for Terry’s problems. Will be thinking and praying for both of you that this will be the answer she has been looking for.

  7. Take care of Terry. We’ll still be here when you get back!

  8. Black Angus steakhouse, Applebees and Crackerbarrel are all open for Thanksgiving, no need for pizza unless you just really want pizza.

  9. Blessings to you and Miss Terry for all going well.

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