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Definition of potpourri – 1: a mixture of flowers, herbs, and spices that is usually kept in a jar and used for scent. 2: a miscellaneous collection. The second definition above pretty much describes today’s blog, a collection of miscellaneous thoughts and info that I’m sharing because I really don’t have anything else to talk about today.


How understanding is your spouse? How far does trust go in your relationship? I’m asking this question because one of my blog readers is seeking input. He told me he retired in early June, but his wife still has three years to go before she can retire. He wants to go to Mission, Texas to escape the cold Pennsylvania weather, and the idea was that his wife would fly down for long weekends once a month or so. But then his wife’s sister, who is two years younger and has been single for several years, invited herself to go with him and stay in the motorhome with him for the winter. His wife objects to that. I would even go so far as to say she strongly objects to that. He doesn’t see the problem and asked what myself and my blog readers thought. My first response was to tell him not only no, but oh hell no, and I pretty much still feel that way. How about you, folks? What say ye? Post your answers below. I think it might be interesting to hear your opinions.


I also recently heard from a couple who have been fulltime RVers for two years and say they love the lifestyle. But they wrote to say that after the big tornado hit Dallas this week, they are done. They plan to go back home, wherever home is, and hang up the keys and live in a “real” house that will be safer than an RV in catastrophic weather. Now, they weren’t in Dallas when the tornado hit. They were 400 miles north, but said that’s still too close. We have been through some bad weather in our many years as fulltimers, and while we didn’t take storms lightly, we were also not ready to give up our dream because something might happen. It’s like the people who tell us we are crazy for living in coastal Florida because of the hurricanes. But you know what? Every place has something. Tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, blizzards, mudslides, wherever you are, you pay your money and you take your chances. The only guarantee in life is that we’re not going to get out of it alive. So while you are alive, live, damn it!


Well, it took five weeks to get here, but I picked up my new Lifeform chair from Relax The Back in Orladno on Sunday. What do I think of it so far? I love it! I have never sat in an office chair that is so comfortable. These are not just off-the-shelf office chairs that you buy at a place like Staples or OfficeMax. Cory at Relax The Back spent a lot of time with me in ordering the chair, making sure it would fit my body just right. And it was worth the effort, because it fits like a glove. Every surface on the chair is adjustable for overall height, tilt, back and headrest height, forward or backward movement of the seat surface, armrest adjustments, and lumbar support. I have not spent a lot of time in it yet, maybe two hours at a time, at most. But with my old office chair, by the time I’d spent two hours in it, I was in pain when I stood up. Not with this chair. None at all. Yes, it cost more than my first car, but I normally spend anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a day at my desk, and I feel it was a good investment. Thanks for all your help, Cory.


I have to brag just a bit here. Over the weekend my newest book, Dead Romeos, made it to #72 on Amazon’s hot new release list for mystery and thriller books. When you consider the millions of books available on Amazon, and the fact that some of the finest mystery and thriller writers around have new books out at the same time, that’s a bit of an accomplishment that I’m proud of.


And finally, here’s another chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Just because you think it, doesn’t mean it should come out of your mouth, or your keyboard.

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  20 Responses to “Wednesday Morning Potpourri”

  1. To that husband I say, “Absolutely not!” Unless he’s trying to get his wife to divorce him.

    I’m so glad you bought that chair. Having the right one is a wonder.

    You outranked John Le Carre’!!! Way to go, Nick!

  2. No way should he let his sister-in-law go along with him. It is only asking for trouble.

  3. No way no on the SIL. That husband must be clueless…

  4. No to the wife’s sister tagging along. Now we spend winters in Mission, Texas, and there are dozens of park models for rent in our park. The sister could line up a rental for herself for the winter. If she were to do that, it might work. Not really a matter of trust as it is opportunity. We are all human.

  5. Oh DOUBLE hell no!!!! How rude of him to even think of staying in the south without his wife, let alone staying with her sister, unless he wants a divorce. Sorry, no sympathy here!!

  6. The good thing about this guys plan is that he can cross over into Mexico and get a quickie divorce. Because he’ll need one!!

  7. My husband and I have a very good relationship but I’d say no way Jose to that idea. Why would he or the sister even think that’s okay?

  8. This may be perfectly innocent but why in the world would any husband or wife want to be apart that long let alone throwing the sis into the mix? That’s a recipe for disaster (or divorce).

  9. Answer to the question – ABSOLUTELY NO. This is a situation set up for temptation. And even if nothing happened, the wife would always wonder. A divorce would be very possible. The husband needs to rethink who he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with. And why does the wife have to work 3 more years? When my husband retired, I retired. I had a much reduced pension but I wanted the time with my husband not my job. This couple needs to spend some time talking through this whole thing with each other.

  10. No, no way should he allow his sister in law anywhere near him or the motor home. He should wait until his wife can travel with him and do it together if he plans to stay together.

  11. If his wife objects that much, he should not do it for that reason alone. Why would he want to make her so unhappy if he cares about her? She is already being very unselfish by agreeing to living apart for three years so he can start his retirement early.

  12. Put me down on the “oh hell no” side.

  13. If the couple will notice that there was no one killed in Dallas tornado. There are fires in California, hurricanes off Gulf coast and Atlantic coast, and disasters in all parts of world. There is a wreck on highways near and far from your home. Life is not certain so decide how you are going to live life, facing whatever or living in fear.

  14. What kind of guy would think taking his SIL for the winter to s. Texas would be a good idea?
    Maybe one who would like the chance to ………

  15. I say no, his wife’s sister should not stay with him in his motor home. If she wants to go down there, he can help her find a place to stay.

  16. Agreed, not only no, but Hell No!!! Unless of course you plan on a fling and/or a divorce.

  17. And another vote in the “oh, HELL no!” column…

  18. Just wondering if the husband has a brother or a male friend who the wife might like to move in with her while he’s gone.
    No, I didn’t think so!
    I think the wife needs a new sister and a new husband. Just sayin’ sounds like she could do much better.

  19. First of all congratulations on your new book. Now as far as the husband moving to Texas and living with his sister in law that is as off the wall as anything I’ve ever heard. I suspect this husband and wife have issues they need to work out no matter who lives where.

  20. “Oh hell no!“ X 2… unless she wants to get rid of her husband!

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