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Oct 042019

When she doesn’t have any big project to do and is just catching up on little chores around the house, researching things on the Internet, or whatever, Miss Terry calls it piddling. I’m never sure if I should stand back and let her do her thing, or go to the drugstore and buy some Depends, because when I look up piddling in the dictionary, it means to urinate. Whatever she calls it, yesterday was a piddling day for both of us.

The other day when we were in Daytona Beach, we stopped at one of the home improvement stores and bought some Tornado wall hooks to start getting the garage a little more organized.

Yesterday we mounted two of them on one of the walls to hold our Green Giant ladder. We got this super strong, very handy ladder at an RV rally in Tucson years ago , and it was perfect for the RV lifestyle because it has three four-foot sections that fit easily into an RV storage bay, and a couple of brackets that makes it easy to configure in a dozen different ways, from a stepladder to an extension ladder. Unfortunately, it looks like the company went out of business, because I can’t find them listed online anywhere to give you a link to it.

With that out of the way, I spent some time trying to figure out a problem with Microsoft Office 365. When Terry and I both got new computers last year, they each came with a one-year subscription. When it was time to renew Terry’s last month, she set it up on a family plan with up to six computers allowed. My Office 365 subscription expired a few days ago and I was trying to get added to hers, so we don’t each have to pay a renewal. I went through all the steps three or four times, did some research online, and just could not get it to work. Eventually I went online to Microsoft’s customer support, and though it took a while to get things working correctly, one of their techs got the job done for me.

After that, I spent some time looking at laptop desks on Amazon. I have a 17’ Dell laptop and I need something strong enough to hold it. The two I have been looking at are the AOOU (top photo) and the WorkEZ Executive Adjustable Ergonomic (bottom photo). If anyone has either of these two, or another brand/model with legs, I would appreciate any feedback. Why do I need a laptop desk? So I can sit in my recliner and live the life of a lazy gentleman writer, and because when I sit down, my stomach sits on my lap.

While I was doing all of that, Miss Terry was catching up on some paperwork, then she made a delicious dinner of shrimp scampi over pasta. The red shrimp she used was so big that she had to cut each one into thirds. Trust me, it tasted even better than it looks!

We are very excited because a week from today my daughter Tiffany is flying in from Arizona, and my son Travis and his wife Geli are driving down from Alabama. When I mentioned this before, I said it would be the first time all three of us were together in one place in over 20 years, but Travis tells me it’s closer to 30 years. I am so looking forward to it!

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Thought For The Day – My bank account balance is a constant reminder that I’m safe from identity theft.

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  4 Responses to “She Calls it Piddling”

  1. When I bought a laptop desk it turned out to not be wide enough to fit over my lap. Very irritating!

  2. Enjoy your kids together! That’s a rare treat.

    You also want a raised lapdesk to get your screen at eye level. It’s better than looking down at it all the time.

  3. Nick I sit in my recliner and use my laptop all the time — My husband cut me a 1 x 8 board long enough to fit across both arms with a little left over on each side –it works great — has enough room on the side for my mousepad and to hold my drink holder which clips onto the end of the board-also space on the other side for my phone and notepad—Works great –as a matter of fact I have two of them –one for each of my recliners

  4. I bought one of the WorkEZ adjustable desks for my Apple MacBook Pro, which does get pretty warm when I just held it on my lap. It takes a while to get all the angles adjusted to the precisely correct spot … one that takes into account the angle of your recliner seat when you are reclined just the perfect amount to play with your computer and still peek over the top of the screen and see the TV … but once you get that dialed in, the thing is very handy. The metal tray helps to dissipate the heat of my 11 yr old MacBook very nicely. When I have to get up for a snack or whatever, I can park it on the floor to walk away and then come back and resume my comfortable pose in the chair. I also use it as a desk easel for painting, pastel, and other art work. Not a bad purchase, in my opinion.

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