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Oct 062019

I’m back with more questions from blog readers about RVing, what’s happening in our lives since we hung up the keys, and all kinds of other things. While I try to answer all questions individually, I also share some here occasionally.

Q. You said your daughter is flying in to visit you. As I recall she had a pacemaker inserted after her heart attack. Is it safe for her to fly?
A. She actually had a defibrillator implanted, and yes, it is safe for her to fly. We checked that out in advance. She does have to contact TSA ahead of time so they can arrange for a pat down instead of going through the metal detectors, which can affect the defibrillator.

Q. We want to upgrade our motorhome’s TVs to flat screens. I seem to recall that a few years ago you did that and used a company in Tucson or Phoenix to install them, and maybe change the cabinets or something. Where was that? We will be wintering in Apache Junction and want to get it done while we’re out there.
A. RV Renovators in Mesa, Arizona did our switch-out and we were very pleased with the service and the finished product. They will also allow you to stay in your RV in their parking lot while they do the work if it takes more than one day.

Q. You have mentioned kayaking several times, Nick. Aren’t you afraid of alligators when you’re out there on the water in a kayak?
A. We have paddled past alligators in both our hard kayaks and in our Sea Eagle inflatables many times. They ignore us and we give them plenty of space and have never had a problem. Like all wildlife, they just want to be left alone, and that’s what we do.

Q. Have you heard anything about Flying J truck stops taking down the American flag so as not to offend Muslims or Canadians? Somebody mentioned it on Facebook and I don’t know if it’s true or just another Internet hoax.
A. It is a stupid hoax that’s come around two or three times now. Just yesterday I saw it four times on Facebook. Here is a link to one of many stories explaining what really happened. Just one more jerk with an attitude trying to make something out of nothing.

Q. I just finished reading your newest book, Dead Romeos, and loved it. Do you have plans for any more books in the series, or in the Big Lake series? I love them both.
A. I’m glad you enjoyed Dead Romeos. It’s my third release this year, and I plan to have one more book out sometime around December. I always try to put out four books a year, and the next will be Big Lake Quarterback. Don’t worry, I have more John Lee Quarrels and Big Lake books rolling around in my head waiting for me to write them than I have time left in this world.

Q. Nick, I know you are a dog person. Have you ever used something called an invisible fence? We’re thinking about getting one to use at our RV site instead of having our dogs on a leash or tied up all the time. Do you know if they work? And are they humane?
A. I have used an invisible fence with good results on several dogs, though I did have one that seemed to enjoy the little tingle from the collar when he got too close to the fence, and would actually walk up to it over and over again. They do not harm the animal in any way. However, most RV parks are still going to require that your dog be leashed or restrained in some way besides the fence.

Q. We want to spend the winter in Florida this year but we are finding out that most of the desirable places are already booked up. We would like to be in the Keys but found it is very expensive, and most places there are already reserved. The same in southern Florida around the beaches. That doesn’t seem to be anything available. Is this normal, to be booked up two or three months ahead of the season?
A. Yes, it’s normal and it happens all the time. In fact, many RV snowbirds make a reservation and pay a deposit on a site when they leave at the end of one winter so they can be assured of coming back next year. If you are willing to settle on smaller places further inland, there are lots of mom-and-pop RV parks around where you might be able to get a site.

Q. You wrote that you stocked up on several cans of gas before hurricane season. How long is that gas good for before it goes stale? I’m asking because we will be storing our Class C motorhome for the winter and I wonder what to do about fuel.
A. I put Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer in all of the gas cans, as well as in the Honda generators and my boat. Their literature says it is good for 24 months. I will start using that gas in the cars and my boat once we are out of hurricane season and refill the cans with fresh fuel as needed. In your case, I would be sure to fill the tank before parking the RV to cut down on any condensation before next camping season, and still use a fuel stabilizer.

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Thought For The Day – Another fine day ruined by responsibility.

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  1. Most if not all implantable ICD’s have both a pacemaker and defibrillator function. The doctor can choose one or both operations. Terry’s doctor at one time only activated the defibrillator function, but now his devices are set for both. The pacemaker will “pace out” bad heart rhythms and oftentimes avoid the need for a shock. As to flying, we fly occasionally and too many times to count since his first implant in 2003. At first his cardio-electrophysiologist recommended a pat down, which you do NOT need to schedule ahead of time. You just tell the attendant you have an ICD and they direct you to the side and they do that. Then they told him to request the wand, which he did several times, but the doctor said even that could be problematic if they held it over the device for any period of time. Now the doctor said with the devices and the equipment, nothing special is needed and Terry finds it less hassle to just go through the machine. Interestingly once I was watching the screen as he passed through and it showed the device down around his waist which is where 30+ years ago they used to put them because they were much larger, the size of a deck of cards. I told the attendant that was not accurate because his device was in his right chest. She said, “No it’s not. . .it’s right there” and pointed to the area around his waist. Who am I to argue with the TSA? So I let it go at that. LOL

  2. I have an invisible fence at my house. Sadly, it does not work. My dogs just ran right over it.

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