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Oct 162019

I’m afraid all you’re going to get out of me is a quickie blog today, because we are busy having fun. My son Travis and his wife Geli drove down from Alabama last Friday the 11th and stayed with us until Monday the 14th when they had to leave to go back to work. My daughter Tiffany also flew in on the 11th and will be here with us until the 18th, when she flies back to Arizona.

This is the first time I have had both of my kids with me in the same place at the same time, in over 25 years, and it made this old man’s heart smile.

Here are two photos of the three of us together. The top was taken in October of 1991 and the bottom was the other day here at our house. Those kids went and grew up on me!

Before I close, I want to thank everybody who called, sent e-mails, and wished me happy birthday on Facebook. You all made me feel very special.

I will try to post more tomorrow if time allows, but as much as I love all of you, right now it’s family time and I hope you will forgive me if it’s not much.

Thought For The Day – I’ve always thought I would discover my inner-self through some meditation and eastern philosophies, not because of that stupid single-ply toilet paper from Walmart!

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  1. next time if you get a stepstool you’ll be almost as tall as them
    Isn’t it scary how time flies

  2. How lovely Nick…to have your kids with you at the same time!! We have them on both coasts and it does not appear we will all be together any time soon. But thankfully we have skype…that DOES help!!

  3. You’re Forgiven

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