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Sep 212019

I am not sure if it was due to the quick nap I took on my bed of plastic nails that I wrote about in yesterday’s blog, titled I’ll Try Anything Once, or just sheer exhaustion, but either way I slept very solid Thursday night. I think I got up to go to the bathroom once and didn’t open my eyes again until after 10 AM.

We had to go to the hospital in New Smyrna Beach yesterday for my preop appointment, getting all of the paperwork squared away for my biopsies on Monday morning. The procedure itself is at 8 AM but they want us there by 6:30. I was tempted to ask why they couldn’t do things like that at a more civilized hour, say noon or a little after, but it’s always been my policy to treat people nice if they are going to be cutting holes in my head.

I knew that given the stormy weather we’ve been having due to Hurricane Humberto, the beach would be closed to driving. So when we left the hospital we went over to the parking lot at the end of Flagler Avenue just to see how things were looking. Actually, there wasn’t any beach to see. The heavy waves were all the way up to the seawall in front of the parking lot. We saw one lone surfer out there, trying to catch a wave, and while there were a lot of big waves, he didn’t seem to be having much success.

From there we drove into Daytona Beach for lunch at Leanh’s Chinese Restaurant, my little reward to myself for getting my new book done. They have some of the best shrimp fried rice you’ll find anywhere.

We made a quick stop at the chiropractor on our way home, and by the time we got there I was beginning to feel pretty worn out. Our friend Jim Lewis came by soon after we got home to pick up something we had ordered for him from Amazon, and then we played a couple of games of darts. It was all I could do to get through the last game, and shortly thereafter, when Jim left, I felt like I had hit a brick wall. I just didn’t have anything left. I plopped myself down in my recliner and slept for about an hour. I sure needed that!

I woke up just in time for the evening news, then Terry and I watched BattleBots and the 10 PM news. When the news ended, we took a few minutes to hook up the television, cable box, and our Wii to the AmazonBasics Standby UPS battery backup system that I ordered from Amazon a few days ago. Every once in a while we will get a little power blip, just enough to knock the TV and cable box off, and then the power comes back on in a matter of seconds but the TV and cable box take forever to reboot. This should solve that issue.

After that, it was time to write the blog and get it ready to publish, and then head for bed. And even with my nap in the early evening, I was more than ready for bed!

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