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Sep 072019

Our two Honda EU2200i generators weigh 46.5 pounds empty, and when you add almost a gallon of gasoline, which weighs about 6 pounds, they far exceed the 25 pounds my doctor told me I should limit myself to with my bad back. So moving them around and taking them outside to use is problematic.

We solved that issue by going to Harbor Freight and purchasing a four wheeled steel service cart to put the generators on.

Miss Terry and I have a great working relationship, supporting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It served us well when we were fulltime RVers and continues to work well now that we have a house again. So, following that concept, I whipped out my credit card and paid for the cart, and when we got home Terry put it together.

When I see a pile of pieces and parts like this, you might as well be speaking to me in Swahili, because I have no idea what I’m seeing or what I am supposed to be doing with it. Instructions? Most of the time they seem like they’re written in Swahili.

But that’s okay, that’s Miss Terry’s field of expertise. Actually, it’s one of the many fields of expertise she has. It didn’t take her more than an hour to assemble the cart. She could have probably had it done in half that time, but I helped.

When we were putting it together, I was kind of dismayed because the metal seemed pretty flimsy, but the cart is rated for 450 pounds. And once fully assembled, it’s actually pretty sturdy.

When she finished putting the cart together, Terry found some kind of rubber exercise mat we acquired somewhere and cut two sections of it to fit the upper and lower shelves.

And here is the cart with the two generators on it. Now I can move them around easily and don’t have to bend over to almost ground-level to pull the starter cords. And when power goes out it will be a simple matter to roll the cart out the garage door so we can operate them safely.

Of course, there’s always the worry about some low life coming along and stealing them, so I bought a heavy-duty cable and a pair of Master Lock Magnum Stainless Steel Discus Padlocks. These locks are about as bulletproof as the Honda generators themselves are.

When using the generators outside, I will loop the cable through the handles of the generators and one of the wheel spokes of my F-150 pickup and lock them down. I know that somebody could still come along with a wrench and take the cable connectors apart, or show up with a cable cutter. If someone wants something bad enough, they’ll find a way to steal it. But at least this will slow them down and make them work for it.

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Thought For The Day – Turning on your lights and siren after you lose a drag race is just poor sportsmanship.

Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Building Stuff”

  1. Nick, have you looked in to Abus locks? We have some for our electric bikes. They have several types, and even some with siren-type alarms on them if they’re messed with. They’re pricier than many locks, but then so are your generators. 😉 Just a thought …

  2. Nick
    Consider this……
    (Lots of people found this out the hard way in Q.)
    The handles of the Hondas are plastic.
    Cut through very quickly.

  3. Nick, or should I say Terry…change the cable to something with crimped swage fittings…yes swage. Look it up. All someone needs is a 1/2 wrench to loosen the wire/cable, clamps/clips on there now. Good bye generators.
    I know, its merely a deterrent. If someone really wants them they will take them by any number of means.

  4. Take a hammer and a chisel and hit the threads of the clamps so that a wrench can’t be used on them. 🙂

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