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Aug 112019

I never did learn to swim, though Miss Terry has taught me enough to get from one side of the shallow end of a swimming pool to the other. But my doctor and chiropractor have both recommended getting in a swimming pool and walking around in chest deep water for a half hour a day. They tell me that the buoyancy could help relieve some of my back pain.

We have two pools here in our little private community. One is within eyesight of our house and the other is a few blocks away, down by the fishing pier. Yesterday, after checking the weather apps on our phones and not seeing any indication of trouble, we went to the pool closest to us.

The water felt good for the five minutes we were in it, then suddenly the sky opened up and there was a downpour, along with lighting. Lots of lightning. No, thank you! We quickly got out of the water and retreated back home. Half an hour later the storm had passed, but we could still hear thunder rumbling. As the weatherman here says, “If you can hear it, fear it.”

I’m not afraid of much in the world except for high bridges, snakes, and lightning. But of the things I do fear, I embrace that fear and never let go.

A friend suggested that if I was going to walk in water, I should try the ocean in calm areas because you are lighter in salt water and can walk longer. Thanks, but no thanks. I only live about 15 minutes from the beach, but this is the shark bite capital of the world. If I ever put my chubby butt in the ocean there’d be a feeding frenzy NASA could pick up on satellites!

Another friend asked how I got to be as old as I am (I will be 67 in October) without ever learning to swim. When I was a youngster we didn’t live anywhere that I could do it. Then, when I was 13, we were living in Ohio and I was in the Boy Scouts. We went to a winter camp out at Camp Miakonda, near Toledo. The scoutmaster decided we should hike across a frozen lake, and about halfway across the ice broke and I fell through. I don’t know how deep the water was, but I went down quite a ways before bobbing back up, and when I did I hit the ice above me and realized I was about 10 or 15 feet from the hole in the ice that I had fallen through. I don’t remember a lot about it, but somehow I managed to claw my way along the bottom of the ice until I reached the hole and was pulled out.

After that I had a decided fear about being in or under any kind of water. And as for ice fishing? Forget it. I tried once with a couple of my brothers-in-law, who lived on a lake in Minnesota. They assured me that the ice was two or three feet thick, and even drove their cars out to their fishing shanty. But I just could not relax enough to enjoy it. I left them there and made my way back to solid, snow-covered ground.

We will take another look at the weather report today, and maybe we’ll have better luck. See you at the pool!

Thought For The Day – Life’s biggest tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late”- Benjamin Franklin

Nick Russell

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  1. Nick, if your health insurance provides a Silver Sneakers program, you can join any health club free and use their pools and whirlpools for your back. It is a real relief for me in many ways.

  2. Don’t mess with Lightning because it always wins.
    Being just months older then you when I was Eight my parents sent me for swimming lessons at the local pool. I knew all the moves but continually sank to the bottom. They finally threw me in the deep end with the Swim or Sink mentality. After they pumped me out I was sent home with a note not to go back.
    Years later when I owned a boat after relating my problem to a buddy he threw me overboard only to have to rescue me. No longer invited to my boat.
    More years pass when my Late Wife and her mother insist that I can float. They had me relax in their arms and as they lowered them I just sank.
    Swimming is something I would love to be able to do but it’s not in the cards for everyone. To the neigh sayers not everyone can swim.
    Be Safe staying away from lightning and Enjoy what life gives you.

    It’s about time.

  3. Here in Sun City, AZ we have 7 rec centers each with pools, two with walking paths. One closest to me is salt water. I’ve just begun to walk laps for 30 minutes a day and it is beginning to make a pleasant difference. Normally it is too hot to walk outside in the summer here, as you know. Pool lap walking gives me some exercise.

  4. If you want to use an indoor pool most health providers have free gym with pool and Jacuzzi at no cost it’s usually part of your health providers wellness program I know you’re going to laugh when I say this but they also have aerobics no you’re not going to slim down but they’ll teach you how to move your muscles better in the water which May help your back
    You could always find a hippie And buy his waterbed ?
    Are you not taking your marijuana anymore
    It sure sounds like your new doctor is dialing you in a lot better To find the culprit
    I know bone on nerve or pinched nerve is not fun
    Is there any correlation to what you do or what you eat prior to coming down with back pain ( Internal swelling of some kind )

  5. Water walking sounds good. I hope the weather cooperated today!

  6. Ed, I’m still using the medical marijuana oil and overall it helps a lot. But when I have a bad flareup like now even opoids only take the worst of the edge off. I have not been able to isolate any one thing that causes things to get bad. Sometime I wake up out of a sound sleep in agony.

  7. Nick, my husband and I both have lower back issues and at the worst of times we could barely walk. Mine is caused by arthritis in the lower back which pinches on the sciatic nerve. I have had 3 steroid injections to no avail but two things have made my life bearable. One was 15 weeks of PT twice a week and the other has been 3 times a week of water aerobics here at our new apartment. I also do stretches of my lower back in the mornings. You might want to look into water aerobics. You do not need to be able to swim, just able to go into chest deep water without freaking out. Since I am short, 5′ 2″ I stayed in just about 3 foot or so but lately I’m into chest deep water because I feel more resistance. One thing I do not do is any twisting!

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