Aug 162019

No, not for the reasons you think. Well, come to think of it, that’s a pretty good reason to avoid the refrigerator, too. But there’s so much good stuff in there!

No, the reason I should avoid refrigerators is because I have spent so much time in MRI machines lately that I’m afraid if I get too close I might stick to the door and look like some schoolkid’s extra-large drawing hung there by a proud mama.

If you’re not familiar with an MRI, those initials stand for magnetic resonance imaging, a technique used in radiology to take pictures of a body using strong magnetic fields and radio waves to generate images of the organs or skeletal structures. A couple of weeks ago I had one done on my head to see if I have a brain in there (yes I do, but it’s a twisted, sick thing) and yesterday I had another one on my lower back, each lasting about 45 minutes. And before that, I had a couple of others a while back, too. I guess that explains my magnetic personality. (Did you see what I did there?)

All of this is in preparation for three different appointments I have with specialists in the next two weeks to see what’s going on in my head, with the dizzy spell and headaches and all that, as well as for my lower back. I have put off back surgery for years, but the doctors all seem to be of the opinion that it’s time. I’ll know more after this round of doctor visits.

The MRI place was less than a mile from Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet, a favorite of ours, and since I didn’t cry or anything during the MRI, Terry said we could go there for dinner. I don’t know about you, but for me that beats the hell out of a gold star next to my name!

But before we went in to eat, we parked the car in front of the restaurant and walked to the other end of the strip mall to West Marine. I was looking for a push pole like I see a lot of the fellows with flats boat use around here to keep on the pontoon boat in case we ever get into shallow water and get stuck. It happens, because a lot of the water here is not very deep. They didn’t have what I was looking for, but I did find some other goodies I can’t afford.

The sky was getting dark and the wind was picking up, so we walked back to the restaurant for dinner before the downpour hit. It was sprinkling by then, but as hot as it’s been, that was somewhat refreshing.

By the time we finished dinner and left it was still raining, but not very hard. We got home in time for me to check my email and answer some pressing ones before settling down for an evening of television and just being together.

If you are one of the people who enters our free drawings, I need you to do me a favor. Please read this carefully. Sometimes when you enter the drawing it takes a few minutes for your name to show up. And sometimes it won’t show up until I approve the post. I’m not sure why that is, but it is.

Every week we have people who enter the drawing and don’t immediately see their name, so they enter again, and again, and again, all in a row. Quite often as many as 10 times, and I think the record was 17. When we got home yesterday I had four different people who had submitted multiple entries.

When you do that, three things happen. First the computer automatically kicks out all of your entries because only one entry is allowed per contest. Second, I then have to go through and manually delete all of those pending extra entries except one, which I have to manually approve. And third, many times the computer program automatically assumes you are a spammer and your entries go to a spam file and I never see them. So please, exercise a little bit of patience. If you enter, your name will get put into the drawing. But it’s not like instant oatmeal and instant coffee; sometimes you have to wait a little bit. Thank you for your patience.

Be sure to enter our latest Free Drawing. This week’s prize is an RV camping journal donated by Barbara House. Barbara makes several variations of these, and they all have pages where you can list the date, weather, where you traveled to and from that day, beginning and ending mileage, campground information including amenities at RV sites, a place for a campground rating, room to record activities, people met along the way, reminders of places to see and things to do the next time you’re in the area, and a page for notes for each day. To enter, click on this Free Drawing link or the tab at the top of this page and enter your name (first and last) in the comments section at the bottom of that page (not this one). Only one entry per person per drawing please, and you must enter with your real name. To prevent spam or multiple entries, the names of cartoon or movie characters are not allowed. The winner will be drawn Sunday evening.

Thought For The Day – I’m not a social drinker. Most of my drinking is work related.

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