Hurry Up And Wait

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Aug 082019

When I was in the Army, so much of what we did was hurry up and wait. During training we would roll out of our bunks, get ready for the day, fall out in formation, and then wait while the drill sergeants or whoever was in charge decided to get around to inspecting us, harassing us, and finally allowing us to go have breakfast. We would march double time to the mess hall, where we would wait in line to get our food and eat it, and then hurry up and finish so that we could get back outside and stand back in formation again for whatever came next.

Once I was out of training, it was the same thing. Hurry up and wait. Suit up and get ready to go do something, then wait for trucks or helicopters or whatever transportation we were going to get. I think half of my time in the military was spent standing in line someplace.

And it’s no different in civilian life, is it? Hurry to the bank to make a deposit and stand in line to get to the teller. Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, arrive early to beat the rush and then wait for hours to renew your license or whatever you need done. Make a quick pass through the grocery throwing things in your cart so you can get home and cook dinner, and then wait in the checkout line while they call for a price check and the person in front of you tries to find their credit card or checkbook.

We have been doing our share of hurry up and wait lately, too, trying to get all the medical exams out of the way so we can figure out what the heck’s going on with my head, and hopefully also get a resolution for my back pain. Not to mention just regular medical checkups that we have every so often. It does get tiresome sometimes.

Monday, we got to the MRI place in Daytona Beach about a half hour early for my scheduled 6:15 PM procedure, and I figured that late in the day we shouldn’t have to wait. Wrong. It was about an hour before they took me in to get started.

I don’t know what I’d do without Terry. The MRI of my head took about 35 minutes, and they had to put a mask over my face. I’m a bit claustrophobic and really wasn’t looking forward to being in the close confines of the tube that long. But they let Terry sit next to the machine the whole time I was in it and she held my hand. That made it a lot easier to handle. What would I do without that precious lady?

Now we wait for results. I’ve got a preliminary appointment with an ENT specialist coming up in a couple of weeks, and once my neurologist reviews all the MRI information, hopefully we will find out what’s going there. And with any luck, somewhere along the line we will learn more about some new treatment options for my back that the doctor mentioned. More hurry up and wait.

In the meantime,  we had planned to take a short road trip starting today. I want to go up to Ohio to do some research on the family saga book series that has been rolling around in my head, because that is where its setting will be. It will also be a good time to introduce bookstores and readers in that area to my books. So I had to hurry up and stock up on snacks and goodies for the house sitter. But I woke up early yesterday morning with so much back pain that I could hardly get out of bed, and for the first time in over a year I had to take a oxycodone just to be able to move. I wore my back brace most of the day, went to the chiropractor in the afternoon, and was a bit better by bedtime. So we’ll see how things feel today before we decide whether to go or cancel the trip.

Because things are up in the air with scheduling, both the road trip and the medical stuff, I won’t be holding a free drawing this week, and possibly not next, either. When we are on the road it’s too hard to get online to approve entries, delete duplicate entries, and such. But don’t worry, I will be back soon with more goodies to give away.

Likewise, if we get into a dead area or can’t get online and I miss a blog post or two, don’t fret. I probably haven’t strayed too close to the edge of the flat earth and fallen off.

But before I close, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Be decisive. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make up their mind.

Nick Russell

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  1. Nick, I really hope you feel better and have positive results with your tests.

  2. Wishing you the best with your medical situation Nick…how well we understand. My hubby collapsed last April…it will be next month before they even start on his situation. He has to have a spinal tap done. Depending on the results of that, he likely will have to have a shunt put in his head as he has adult onset hydrocephalus…water on the brain. With his larger than normal head, though not like we remember those babies with such, he might have had this all his life. Hopes are that a shunt may improve other symptoms ongoing due to the water. I hope they get around to figuring things out someday for you too!! We are crazy if we think medical care here is the best…it is a 3rd world situation at the most!! One of our friends in Israel fell ill about a month ago…today he had intestional surgery…1 month!! And we think we are ahead of the rest of the world…nope afraid not.

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