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Aug 072019

More than once I have had people ask me what fulltime RVers do to occupy their time when not actually on the road traveling. So I dusted off a blog post from 2015 that covers some of the many hobbies we and other fulltimers found to keep ourselves busy and out of trouble.

What do you do all day? It’s a question fulltime RVers get asked all the time. The real question is, how can they cram another twelve hours into every day to get all of the things done they want to?

RVers have many hobbies that fit perfectly into their lifestyle, offering plenty of opportunities to get outside and exercise, or to keep them content inside when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Traditional outdoor activities such as hiking, bicycling, fishing, bird watching, and golfing are all popular with RVers, as well as playing pickleball, geocaching, volkswalking, and kite flying.

If you like getting out on the water but don’t want the hassle of towing a boat around, consider a kayak. There are some excellent ways to carry a hard kayak on your vehicle, or you might consider an inflatable like the Sea Eagle, which is lightweight, easy to store, and indestructible. We have paddled our Sea Eagles everywhere from lakes and rivers in the Midwest to the Florida Keys.

Indoor hobbies include everything from working jigsaw puzzles to scrap booking to beading, weaving, and spinning.

Sometimes you have to be creative to make it work, but anything’s possible. You name it, and with just a little bit of ingenuity there’s a way to take your hobby on the road and enjoy it wherever your travels may take you. Miss Terry carried a full size Baby Wolf loom that folded up for storage when we were on the road, as well as a folding Lendrum spinning wheel. We’ve also seen more than one RV with a portable quilting frame.

We have met RVers who were busy making stained glass windows, building dollhouses, and playing music under their awnings in campgrounds from coast to coast. Many RV resorts have organized activities that center around hobbies, including lapidary, woodcarving, and square dancing. This is a great way to learn more, share your skills, and make new friends. A lot of RV parks also hold jam sessions for their guests who like to play music.

Photography has always been a popular activity and one that fits perfectly with RVing. Digital cameras and photo editing software make it easy to produce amazing photo collections and albums.

Genealogy is another hobby that is tailored for the RV lifestyle. It is one thing to know that your great great-uncle Angus is buried in a family plot on land he farmed in Missouri, and quite another to be able to travel to the old family farm and actually walk the land your ancestors tilled and pay your respects in person at their grave sites.

Those are just a few ideas. What are some of your hobbies that fit well with the RV lifestyle?

Thought For The Day – All my dance moves look like I’m trying to signal the guy on first base to steal second.

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  1. Reading. All Nick’s books along with other genres.

  2. And how would I survive without knitting?

  3. Our hobby is Geocaching. For around $100 you can buy a hand-held GPS that will point you to thousands of caches hidden in every state and probably every country you will ever visit. Caches can be hidden in easy places like a Walmart parking lot or out in some remote back-forty. They’ll take you to unique sites that you’d probably never even know about if you’re just using a travel guide. This is a great hobby for RVers – we have found caches in all 50 states of the USA as well as in nearly 30 other countries. Just go to: http://www.geocaching.com to learn more.

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