In A Pinch

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Jul 202019

Many years ago there was a TV commercial about weight loss or fitness or some such nonsense where a very good looking, very fit male or female actor would grab their very tight abdomen between their thumb and finger and ask, “Can you pinch an inch?” Are you kidding me? At my best the most I could do was grab a glob.

But apparently there’s been some pinching going on, because after tests and doctor visits and brain scans and all kinds of things, the medical people think I have/had a pinched occipital nerve in my neck, which caused the problems I experienced last week. One of the things that can set it off is tight muscles in the shoulders and neck, and the two excellent chiropractors I see when I go to Coastal Integrative Healthcare have both said they have never seen anybody who is as tight as I am in that area right now. Hopefully with stretching exercises, ice, and rest things will begin to loosen up and I won’t have a recurrence.

In other news, when you buy your fifth kayak, is it time that you have to consider the fact that you may have a problem? Terry and I have had our two Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks for many years and love them. They were perfect for the RV life because they were easy to carry in a storage bay under the motorhome. But when we bought our place here on the intercoastal waterway in Florida we wanted hard kayaks again, so we bought a pair of Old Town Predators two winters ago. They are extremely stable and extremely sturdy.

While we were looking at them, I also looked at an Old Town Predator PDL, which is basically the same kayak except it also has pedals so you can either paddle it or use the pedals to propel yourself. It’s really good for fishing because your hands are free. But it was out of my budget. When our friend Jim saw it, he decided it should come home with him, and it did. He’s used it about three times, and decided that kayaking isn’t for him, so he offered it to me, along with a trailer and accessories, at a great deal. Let me see, five kayaks and a pontoon boat – I believe I have a flotilla.

Someone asked how I plan to use five kayaks at once, and I don’t. But when we have friends visiting, or my son and his wife come down, we can all go paddling and have fun. Of course, it’s going to have to cool down quite a bit before that happens.

I like T-shirts that have a message on them, and I’ve shared several with you here in the blog. I recently acquired two more that I think you will enjoy. This one gets the message across in a kinder, gentler manner than the more common alternative.

And I don’t care what your politics are, and I imagine it might offend somebody, but I think this one is just plain funny.

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Thought For The Day – Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn. – Benjamin Franklin

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  1. I”m so glad you know the reason for your recent health scare and will be ok. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better very soon.

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