Jun 142019

Right now I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, clicking my heels together and saying “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.” We just got home from a week-long trip to see my son Travis and his pretty wife Geli in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

It was a fun and busy week, we shared a lot of laughs and an adventure or two, saw some interesting places, learned a little bit more about Alabama history, and ate some great food.

But as always, as much fun as it is to go away for a while and spend time with people you love, it’s also great to get back home and sleep in your own bed. And that’s what we plan to do very shortly, because it was a long day on the road getting here. So there won’t be much to today’s blog. But I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with lots to tell you about over the next few days.

Meanwhile, I have to be careful clicking my heels together, because while Dorothy had to deal with the Wicked Witch of the West on her sojourn to Oz, I got to deal with fire ants. These are just a few of the bites on my feet and legs. No fun. No fun at all. But at least we are home now, and there’s no place like home.

Thought For The Day – There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a baby laughing. Unless it’s the middle of the night and you are home alone. And you don’t have a baby.

Nick Russell

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  3 Responses to “There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. Glad you Enjoyed the visit with your son and his family.
    Also happy that it went safely.
    Use lots of Peroxide on those bites.

    It’s about time.

  2. Use rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer on those fire ants…

  3. I got bit by ants a few years back in Fl and it took months for them to heal.

    Wishing you better!

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