Jun 222019

Today we are celebrating Terry’s birthday, and though she modestly says it’s just another day, it’s a very special day. Who knew that that little baby born in Newton, Kansas would grow up to become the most beautiful woman in the world? And not just beautiful, but also strong, caring, intelligent, talented in so many ways, and just about the nicest person you could ever hope to meet.

Terry is shy by nature, but there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to help someone in need. More than once her caring and generosity have been wasted on people who don’t appreciate it, but that is their loss and doesn’t change who Terry is.

The first time I met Terry I remember being impressed with her and knew she was someone special. We were friends long before we ever became romantically involved, and I’ll be honest with you, nobody was more surprised than me than a woman with all she has going for her would give a short, fat, bald troll like me a second glance. But that’s the thing about Terry, she looks past what’s outside and see what’s inside a person. Which means I still don’t know why she chose to spend her life with me. But I’m grateful beyond words that she did!

We have been together over 21 years and our love for each other, as well as our friendship, continue to grow every day. It truly is wonderful to be married to your best friend in the world. When I look at her today, I don’t think I could possibly love her more than I do right now, but I know that tomorrow I will love her even more. The very first thing we say to each other every morning is “I love you” and it’s the last thing we say to each other as we fall asleep every night.

I always say that the only real regret I have in life is that we did not get together as teenagers to spend our lives together. Terry tells me that we needed to grow into the people we were before the timing was right, but I still regret every minute of the 45 years it took for us to get together.

June 22 is a popular day for amazing women to be born, because it was also my mother’s birthday. Terry and my mom never got to meet, but if they would have, I know they would have become immediate friends. They both love to cook and they both always put the needs of the people they love before their own.

When we were publishing the Gypsy Journal and putting on our RV rallies, people always talked about “Nick’s newspaper” and “Nick’s rallies.” Now they talk about “Nick’s books.” But I will tell you right now, any success I have had in life is 100% due to my hardworking, supportive wife. She has always been my biggest fan, and she is the person who encourages me, critiques my work, and gives me the confidence to do the things I do. As I always told the crowds at our rallies, without her I’d just be a fat guy up on stage telling jokes.

Happy birthday, Terry. I love you with all my heart.

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Thought For The Day – Married couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  21 Responses to “Happy Birthday, My Love”

  1. Jesse Haman HAPPY BIRTHDAY Terry! Have a GREAT DAY!

  2. Happy Birthday Terry!!!!!!

  3. Tell Terry Happy birthday from Lynn and Dave.

  4. Happy Birthday Day Miss Terry. Hope to meet you in person this fall.

  5. What a beautiful testimonial to a beautiful woman Nick! And I agree with every word! Happy Birthday Terry and I am so lucky that I can call you FRIEND!

  6. What a beautiful tribute to Terry! Happy, happy Birthday day. Your example and work ethic makes me want to be a better person. You make everything better by just being you and all that you do, and you can do anything. Have an incredible day.

  7. Have a wonderful birthday Terri. We love you.

  8. Happy Birthday to very great lady, Miss Terry.

  9. we always knew she was beautiful, intelligent and kind from the time she was a baby she was loved by neighbors teachers and most of all by her Dad and Mom, she took care of her baby sister even as a 21 month old taking toys to her and any thing else she thought she might want and so very smart, as she said she along with all of us had some rough spots in the road of life but she was a beautiful stone already but being polished by life and we are so very proud of her.
    Have a beautiful birthday Terry and so grateful that you have found happiness with Nick and Thank you Nick for loving her too, Mom and Dad

  10. Nick can you set up Terry’s Skype so we can talk face to Face ?

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!
    We miss both of you out here on the road.

  12. Happy Birthday Terry. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  13. Happy Birthday Terry!

  14. Happy Birthday, Miss Terry!

  15. Happy Birthday Terry. So Nick what did you get her. You sure had a lot of thoughts from people.

  16. Happy birthday Terry! May your day be as beautiful as you are.

    Nick, I always love when you write about your beloved wife and best friend. Everyone should be so blessed as to have a partner who loves and respects them so wholeheartedly and everyone should be so blessed as to have a partner in life like Miss Terry, who deserves wholehearted love and respect.

  17. She is a gem Nick. Happy Birthday Terry. Some of our best road days were in your company

  18. Happy Birthday Miss Terry— andmany many more!!!

  19. Happy Birthday wishes (from France) to a lovely person. I think you’re both lucky to have each other!

  20. Happy Birthday Terry! Thanks for making Nick what he is. 🙂 Ed

  21. A very happy birthday to lovely Terry and may you both be blessed with many more years together to be happy!!

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