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May 042019

We spent several hours at the rehab facility with Beverly yesterday as they put her through her paces and showed us how much progress she has made since her major surgery last week, and explained what the follow-up plan is when she is released from the hospital next week.

From everything I can see, she is doing great. If someone drilled a hole in the top of my head and stuck a tube into my brain and then routed it through my body to my abdomen to drain off excess fluid, I’d be in a coma for a year. Not Beverly. She walked from her room on one side of the wing to the opposite end to the physical therapy room, where she practiced using a walker, going up and down stairs, and other strengthening exercises.

After the workout in the gym, as they call it, they had us pull the van around to one of the hospital entrances and brought Beverly downstairs and had her practice getting in and out to see how that went. Not too bad at all, though when we go to pick her up we will take the Explorer. It has running boards that makes getting in much easier for her.

Some readers have expressed concern about whether or not Terry and I are physically able to take care of her with my bad back and other physical limitations we have, especially if she were to fall. I appreciate your concern, and it’s something we have asked ourselves. We talked about that quite a bit with the physical therapist. She said Beverly is functioning well, and they told us there will also be a visiting home nurse coming several times, along with a home health aid who will be scheduled as well. That should help a lot.

For quite some time we have wanted to try a restaurant in Port Orange called Guiseppe’s Pizza. It’s a family-run place that has been around since 1982. They recently built a much larger new building and demolished their old one and turned the space where it was into additional parking. When we left the hospital, we decided it would be a good time to try it out.

We got there about 5:30 PM and it was busy, but not swamped. That changed within the next half hour and a lot of people were coming in in spite of the fact that it was raining really hard. They have a large menu, with everything from wings and pizza to pasta and huge salads. The pizza was good but not outstanding. There are places just as good a lot closer to home, but if I were in Port Orange and wanted pizza I wouldn’t hesitate to stop again.

They also have a very impressive selection of desserts, and though we don’t usually go that route, the New York cheesecake was just too darn good looking to pass up. We bought a couple of pieces to bring home for an evening snack and that was a home run. Absolutely delicious.

We’re supposed to get a lot more rain over the weekend, so we will probably spend most of the time right here at home. Terry’s loom is calling out to her, and I want to get some more work done on my next Big Lake book.

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Thought For The Day – I finally got 8 hours of sleep. Took me 4 days, but I got it done.

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  1. Another great place to eat in Port Orange is Flap Jacks! It’s located in the Publix shopping center at I-95 and Dunlawton. They do breakfast and lunch.


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