Cajun Invasion

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May 122019

Several years ago when we were staying at the Hershey, Pennsylvania Thousand Trails preserve we were invaded by stinkbugs. If you are unfamiliar with these nasty little critters, consider yourself lucky. They seem to be able to find their way into every little nook and cranny of a home or RV, and once you get them it’s almost impossible to get rid of them. Having them in your home on wheels is bad enough but having them in your pants is even worse. I wrote about that in this blog post.

Just the other day I wrote about the love bugs that have been swarming all over the area for the last week or so. None of them have crawled inside my underwear, but I don’t like them any better than I do stink bugs.

And then yesterday we had another kind of invasion, a Cajun invasion. And if you are going to be invaded, that’s one of the best ones to have. Our friends Mark and Sue Didelot, fulltimers from Lake Charles, Louisiana, are visiting family here in Florida and came by for a visit. It’s been a long time since we had seen Mark and Sue and it was a real treat.

When it comes to computers and electronic things, Mark is right up there with my buddy Greg White. He can fix just about anything. And Sue, besides being beautiful, is a very talented artist whose work we have admired for years. Back in the days when I was publishing my Bad Nick Blog, Sue made me a hat to commemorate the achievement. Or maybe it was to tell the world who I was so they could avoid me. I’m not sure.

We spent some time catching up and talking about our mutual RVing friends, then we did what RVers always do when they get together, we went someplace to eat. Whenever we have company from out of town, one of our go to places is Goodrich Seafood, which is tucked away on a back road in nearby Oak Hill and is located right on the Indian River. We got there in the early afternoon, but the place was really busy.

After a short wait we got a table outside on the back deck, where we could watch all of the boats going up and down the river. The view was great, the food was wonderful, and the company was the best of all.
After we were done eating and visiting some more Mark and Sue followed us back to our place and we visited a while longer before it was time for them to head back to Sue’s brother’s place. Thanks for stopping by, Mark and Sue, it was a real treat!

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Thought For The Day – Laughter is like a windshield wiper, it doesn’t stop the rain but it allows us to keep going.

Nick Russell

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  3 Responses to “Cajun Invasion”

  1. Good seeing Mark and Sue.
    We have lost contact with them for a few years now. We worked with them in Coffeyville Ks. at Amazon.
    Mark and I worked for short time together in one of the departments there.
    Just wondering if they are still RV full timing?

  2. Yes they are, Bill, in the same Tiffin Phaeton they had.

  3. Thanks, Nick and Terry. We enjoyed the visit too.

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