May 222019

As most regular blog readers know, back in early February we went to Arizona to pick up my cousin Beverly and brought her here to live with us. She has some serious health issues and wasn’t getting much accomplished with the doctors in Tucson. A few weeks ago she had surgery to insert a shunt into her brain to drain off excess fluid and then spent a couple of weeks in the hospital and a rehab facility before coming home. It’s been very busy running her back and forth to various doctor appointments, often two or three a day, which made for an interesting juggling act at times.

But now we’re back to just the two of us, Miss Terry and me. Beverly has been missing her daughter and grandkids back in Tucson terribly and decided that’s where she would prefer to be, so yesterday afternoon we took her to the airport in Daytona Beach and she flew out. We wish her well and hope everything works out for the best.

It had been a while since we had seafood, so once we left the airport and ran a couple of errands, we went to Aunt Catfish’s On The River, a popular restaurant in Port Orange. We don’t go there often because it’s a bit spendy, but the food and service are always excellent, and the portions are more than adequate.

We arrived about 3:30, before the dinner rush, and there were quite a few vacant tables. So we were kind of taken aback when they put us at a table tucked in a far corner of the dining room when they were tables at the windows overlooking the Halifax River. About the time we sat down a kid about 2 or 3 years old at the table next to us began screeching, an ear splitting noise that immediately sent all of our nerve endings on edge. His parents didn’t seem to notice, but I sure did. No, thank you! For the money it costs to eat there I want a decent view if it’s available, and I darn sure don’t want to listen to some ill mannered child making so much noise you can’t have a conversation. I flagged down the waitress and asked her to move us, which she promptly did.

The restaurant has its own boat dock that you can tie up to and go inside and eat, and this was our view once we got moved. Much nicer. And while there were kids at two other tables next to our new location, they were well behaved and not causing scenes.

I had a platter that included blackened grouper, blackened scallops, and fried shrimp, while Terry also ordered the grouper, and I shared my scallops with her. I guess we timed things right for our arrival, because by the time we finished our meals the place was filling up. After we ate we walked out on the dock to take a picture of their sign.

It was a hot day, somewhere in the upper 80s, but there was a steady breeze blowing that made it comfortable out there. Here is a view down the river taken from the dock.

We had both been under a lot of stress lately, and our bodies were letting us know they didn’t appreciate it. So on our way home we stopped at Coastal Integrative Healthcare in Edgewater and had our pal Dr. Melony Thomas give us both chiropractic adjustments. Due to my bad back, I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors over the years all over the country, and Melony is the best of the best.

Besides being a fantastic chiropractor and a fun person to be around, Melony is also an accomplished pilot. She had been looking for an airplane to purchase, checking planes for sale online throughout the region. Then a while back I happened to have an ad for a nice little Cessna 150 pop up on my Internet feed and I sent it to Melony. Apparently it was just what she was looking for, because here she is with her baby. How cool is that? If you are anywhere in this part of the state and need a good chiropractor, I highly recommend Coastal Integrative Healthcare. They are wonderful to work with.

Thought For The Day – They say money talks, but all mine ever says is goodbye.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  8 Responses to “And Then There Were Two”

  1. What you both did for Beverly is pretty awesome. I’m sure she’ll have fond memories of her time in Florida.

  2. That Cessna 150 may be considered a tricycle
    But none the less You might want to forward this website to her
    It’s a free to join Facebook website I think she might enjoy it

    Taildragger’s pilot united

  3. Grandkids are a powerful pull, you did what you could.

  4. What great timing. Joyce and I are planning on hanging up the keys in fall and looking to move to Palm Coast to be near our daughter and family in St. Augustine. I will definitely check out Coastal Integrative Healthcare. Thanks Nick. BTW, we both hope to meet you and Miss Terry. Lunch or dinner on us?

  5. Not sure it’s going to break 60 here today. Brrr. It’s a nice March day. Glad you two have your space back.

  6. You both are angels, what you did by extracting her from a situation that was not good for her health, driving there and back, all the Dr appt, special stuff and great care you provided, we pray she does not get back into the bad situation with her Drs in Tucson God Bless the two of you – Love & hugs Mike & Reggí

  7. I wish the best for Beverly. What you and Miss Terry did was above and beyond the call of duty. I hope she appreciates all the effort you both put forth. The heart pull of kids and grands is strong. I hope she does well and they will help and support her medical needs.

  8. I’m glad she’s okay. You scared me with your comment that she was no longer with you!

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