Apr 142019

Even after 21 years together, Miss Terry still amazes me. There is absolutely nothing she cannot do when she sets her mind to it. If you need a cake baked, something put together or taken apart, a room painted, or a delicious meal of homemade Mexican food that tastes so good you can almost hear the mariachis singing, she’s your go to girl. Well, actually she’s my go to girl, and I’m damn proud of her.

And as it turns out, she’s a plumber, too! The shower head in our guest bathroom needed to be replaced, so yesterday while I was working on my author’s newsletter Terry tackled the project and had it done in no time at all. The dual showerheads in our master bathroom were mounted too high for short little people like us, causing us to stand on our tiptoes to change the settings or to remove the handheld wand from its holder. Fat clumsy guys like me shouldn’t be standing on their toes in wet shower stalls. So once Terry was done with the upstairs bathroom, she installed an extension arm for the heads in our shower, lowering them down to where they will be much easier for us to use. Yeah, I know, I’m a very lucky man.

I had hoped to have sent out my author’s newsletter yesterday, but I ran into some problems formatting it, so I hope to finish it today and get it sent out. If you would like to be on the mailing list, send me an email at editor@GypsyJournal.net. There is no cost and I never share your information with anyone else.

Besides finishing the newsletter, I have to go by our accountant’s place today and pick up our taxes. It’s nice to know that some congressmen will be able to afford a golfing outing on my tax dollars. I do what I can to make their lives easier.

And before I close, I want to wish happy birthday to a very special lady, our beautiful daughter-in-law, Geli. People always tell me that I won the lottery when I found Miss Terry, and there’s no doubt about that in my mind. But I’ll tell you something. My son Travis won the lottery when he found Geli, too. Not only is she beautiful, intelligent, and a hard worker, she came into his life when he was in a dark place and brought him out to the light. That is something that all of us will forever be grateful for. Happy birthday, Geli, we love you.

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Thought For The Day – If you are over 40 it’s time to leave those young girls alone and get you a woman who understands the warning signs of a stroke.

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