Ingrates Everywhere

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Apr 272019

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned the fellow who told me he only comes to this blog to enter the weekly contest and was upset because he has not won yet. But he’s not the only ingrate around. Not by a long shot.

I heard from a longtime reader who owns a campground in Kentucky who is also an RV snowbird, who told me that as soon as the snow flies they close up for the winter and head south to enjoy the sunshine. He said that because they themselves will often pull into a Walmart or someplace like that for the night when they are traveling from point A to point B, they understand that sometimes people just need a safe place to park without hookups. For that reason, they have an area set aside for dry camping on a first-come, first-served basis, with no charge.

Signs are posted that it is for one night only, and if someone wants to use the shower houses or the dump station there is a fee for that. He said it’s bad enough that they are always cleaning up trash that people who use the dry camping leave behind, or arguing with people who overstay the one night limit, or who don’t feel they should have to pay to use the shower house or the dump station while they’re staying there (again, these are people staying in the free dry camping area), but that the final straw was that in the last week three different people have dumped their black tanks on the ground because they refuse to pay $5 just to dump. So now that nice little free camping place on Interstate 65 is no more. We are our own worst enemy.

After seeing the T-shirt shirt I ordered for Miss Terry in yesterday’s blog, several people wanted to know where they could find one. Amazon, where else? You can order the shirt at this link.

Speaking of the blog, it continues to challenge me. Quite often people who use Google Chrome cannot access the latest blog, always getting the one from the previous day. About the time I thought we had that problem handled, this week the new contest page would not open correctly, again just with Google Chrome. And yesterday, the headline did not show up on the blog. Don’t ask me why. I did things the way I always do. Later in the day I tried a test post and the headline worked on that. My buddy Greg White is somewhere in Europe by now, so I can’t bother him about it, and I’ve given up on Go Daddy’s customer support. I think it’s time to find a new host.

And in closing, here is an update on update on cousin Beverly for those who have been asking. She had surgery Monday to relieve pressure on her brain from excess fluid, and originally they said she should be home in a day or two. But then her blood pressure spiked to over 200, so they’re going to keep her for a while longer to get that under control, and then for physical therapy and rehabilitation. She said it looks like it will be a couple of weeks before she can escape. Prayers and positive thoughts are always appreciated.

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Thought For The Day – Do you think stupid people ever reach a point in life where they realize they are stupid?

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  1. Regarding your thought for the day: not in my experience.

  2. Glad you are sending updates on Beverly. You and Miss Terry are such kind hearted, unselfish, people.

    I have had many relatives who have had rehab after surgery and it has always been extremely helpful. Tell Miss Beverly that I am thinking and praying for her.


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